ArmaSkin News  September 2023

ArmaSkin News September 2023

ArmaSkin News September 2023

Mutton Bird Island on Australia's southern coast taken by ArmaSkin Ambassador Laura

Welcome to New ArmaSkin Ambassador

Kyt Lyn Walken ArmaSkin Ambassador

Kyt Lyn is an experienced tracker and hiker who has recently joined ArmaSkin as an ArmaSkin Ambassador. She has a passion for exploring the great outdoors and has spent countless hours hiking through the wilderness. Kyt is known for her exceptional tracking skills and has been recognized for her ability to navigate through even the most challenging terrain.

In addition to her love for the outdoors, Kyt is also an accomplished writer and has published several articles on the subject of hiking and tracking. Her writing has been featured in a number of publications, including Backpacker Magazine and Outside Magazine.  Over the past year, Kyt has also written a series of blogs for ArmaSkin related to tracking and survival in the wilderness.  

Kyt is also an avid photographer and has captured some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

As an ArmaSkin Ambassador, Kyt is excited to share her passion for hiking and tracking with others. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and is committed to helping others discover the joys of the great outdoors. We are thrilled to have Kyt on board and look forward to working with her in the coming months.

Jeremy competes at World's in Tahoe  (USA)

orienteering map

ArmaSkin Ambassador Jeremy recently competed in the World Rogaining 24-hour Championships near Lake Tahoe. 

We aren't really sure what is called Rogaining and what is called Orienteering but  we think this might be the difference. In both rogaining and orienteering, participants navigate through a course using a map and compass. However, there are some key differences between the two sports. the checkpoints in orienteering must be visited in a specific order, while in rogaining, they can be reached in any order. Additionally, orienteering events are typically shorter than rogaining ones, with a typical orienteering session lasting anywhere from one to three hours. In contrast, rogaining is a sport of long-distance cross-country navigation, and events can last up to 24 hours.

We'd be happy to be corrected on our understanding!

You can see more at Jeremy's website,


Wild Goose 100 miler! (USA)

Wild Goose 100 miler

Here's ArmaSkin Ambassador Brad, ready to head off on the Wild Goose 100 miler!

As part of the Squatchayanda Trail Festival, this 100 miler is held in Wawayanda State Park in Hewitt, NJ on Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24, 2023 for the Squatchayanda Trail Festival! The 100 miler has to be completed in the 36 hour cutoff.After the event Brad let us know, "Wild Goose 100miler in the books! Tropical Storm Ophelia tried her best to stop me with her relentless rain 🌧 nice try 🤣.   No crew, no pacer....lone wolf 🐺 no pack. 6th place overall 👊

Big thanks to @armaskin_protection for the anti-blister socks, simply the best (discount code in bio). Great event, @sassquadtrailrunning, and the volunteers were awesome 👌"

DogFoot and Mom  (Yosemite National Park)


It's easy to see where ArmaSkin Ambassador Erick (aka Dogfoot Trailing) gets his good looks from!  Here's Erick, who shared his PCT tour with us last year, pictured at Yosemite.

Erick, "It was a privilege to show my mom Yosemite for the 1st time. She enjoyed it more than she thought except for the part when I told her there was more to hike to get to Nevada falls😆. Her words "this is a magical place" which I agree. Don't leave this life without seeing it with your own eyes. The drive no matter how far is worth it."


Surf Coast Century (Australia)

Surf Coast Century

ArmaSkin Ambassador Luke, I back on the trail after an injury layoff.

"Shout put to these legend that took on Surf Coast Century as a team over the weekend and smashed it. On a warm day for running it was smiles all round. Well done crew!"


Mermaids Cave Blue Mountains NSW

tree roots

Showing where there's a will there's a way !On a trip to Mermaids Cave, ArmaSkin Ambassador Kerry, came across this tree which has made its home atop a monolith.

Mermaids Cave is an incredible sandstone overhang in a dramatic setting, less than a 10 minute walk from the main road. It’s accessed via one of the most atmospheric sections of track on any walk in the Blue Mountains, directly through the middle of a cleft in two towering cliff walls.

If you’re really lucky, the majesty of the scene will be topped off with a waterfall, but it does require a visit directly after heavy rain for the falls to be impressive.  It’s near another short and pretty trail at Coachwood Glen.

Tollymore Forest Park.  (Northern Ireland)


ArmaSkin Ambassador Tracey has been sharing her photo experiences from her European hiking holiday. Last month we gave insights to her Norway leg and this month she's messaged from her home town in Northern Ireland.

Tracey in her Instagram post exclaimed: "It made my brain so bloody happy to be here today.
I haven't been home in 26 years and in some ways it is still the same as when I was 10."

Tollymore Forest Park must have provided a great grounding for Tracey's love of the outdoors.

You can see much more at


ArmaSkin Customer Feedback

left tag.

We are always keen to receive feedback from Customers and that includes our annual customer survey.  

You may have noticed that we recently introduced new tagging on ArmaSkin to highlight the distinction between right foot and left foot.

It is always good practice to check that your tags are on the inside leg before heading off!


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