ArmaSkin Liner Socks

Simple blister prevention for hikers and runners

A popular approach to blister prevention is to use a liner sock, ie a thin sock under your normal sock.

Over the last 5 years the ArmaSkin liner sock has proven to be the most technically successful liner for blister prevention.

The key features of liner socks and ArmaSkin in particular are:

1. A dual sock arrangement ie liner sock and outer sock, enables slippage between the sock layers thus reducing the amount of sideways loading (shearing force) transferred to the skin layers while moving. A good liner sock thus has an outer surface with a low Coefficient of Friction (COF) which makes this slippage efficient. ArmaSkin has a 3:1 friction gradient.

2. An effective liner sock also shifts moisture away from the skin to the outer sock thus keeping the skin surface drier and stronger. ArmaSkin's inner surface is treated with hydrophobic ie water "hating" silicone.

3. Liner socks go over the entire foot thus taking the guesswork out of where hot spots may occur.

4. As a tight fitting protective layer, potentially damaging grit or sand picked up on the run can be kept away from directly contacting the skin surface. (nevertheless grit and sand should be removed as soon as possible to prevent wear of the liner sock)

5. Liner socks maintain their effectiveness over long periods of wear whereas some other preventative measures such as tapes, patches and lubricants can lose their effectiveness especially when subjected to adverse situations such as immersion in water.

6. When taking a break, liner socks can be simply removed, even washed, and be ready for easy reuse.

7. Should a hotspot develop when wearing a liner sock, unlike tapes which can be difficult and distressing to remove a liner sock is easily removed to allow timely inspection and treatment.

ArmaSkin liner socks, in addition to providing the above benefits, are special in that they:

• have a porous internal silicone layer which drives moisture away from the skin as well as keeping the liner sock firmly fixed on the foot

• are contoured for right foot and left foot and have flat seams that maximise accurate and comfortable fit, and

• are easily washed for repeat use, compared with single use tapes.

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Hikers, runners, AND CYCLISTS! I wear my ArmaSkin liners on every ride! Stops the swelling and prevents blisters!

Doreen Ratigan

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