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Over the years a growing number of folks have put up their hands as real fans of ArmaSkin and by taking us on their life journeys.   For some this has been epic through hikes, mountain climbs, river challenges, marathons, ultra trail runs and more. For other its been just keeping a clear headspace by enjoying the great outdoors on an almost daily basis. 

Whether professional or amateur they've treated us to pics from across the globe.

We are delighted to introduce some of our greatest fans here:


Jeremy (USA living in Finland), is a trail, backyard, and ultra runner. Since moving to Finland in 2015, he has "fallen in love with (and fallen down many times while learning) orienteering and Rogaining - the longer the better!". Jeremy's typical event covers 100-200km.


Jeremy rogainer
ArmaSkin Ambassador

Art (USA) was our first ever Ambassador and has taken ArmaSkin on hikes across the USA including Death Valley and the Arizona Trail.

He used ArmaSkin on a canoe trip down the length of the Amazon River and is in June 2022 wearing ArmaSkin as he paddles the length of the Yukon River

Tracey (Aust), lives in rural Victoria. She hikes trails in the Grampians and Macedon Ranges almost daily, often with her family to keep minds fresh and healthy. ArmaSkin Ambassador
ArmaSkin Ambassador Molly (Aust) took ArmaSkin on a successful thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail with her partner Zacc.



Bradley (USA) loves running  trails and is a live wire in the Bear Mountain Trail Runners, an amateur running group for all skill levels and from all walks of life!

ArmaSkin Ambassador
ArmaSkin Ambassador Martin (UK), when not an emergency paramedic, is building a strong online presence as a videographer through his bushman youtube posts.
Laura (Aust) has a goal to cover the major trails in Australia, but for us, her magnificent photo captures of the Queensland and NSW National Parks have been regular features in our ArmaSkin News. ArmaSkin Ambassador
ArmaSkin Ambassador Dr Kate (Aust), qualified to provide psychological support in high risk or complex environments, has been an Emergency Doc at Everest Base Camp and doesn't flinch at high grade physical challenges.
ArmaSkin Ambassador Mike (Aust) , who goes by the handle of Walk For Wiggly Eyes, suffers from nystagmus, but those wiggly eyes haven't stopped him from thru hiking New Zealand and the Overland Track.
 Kerry (Aust), an avid hiker who helps lead walking groups in Diamond Valley, and finds time to hike in wondrous locations like Peru, and the Overland Track. ArmaSkin Ambassador
Sharon (Aust) runs local trails on the Victorian Peninsula.
Erick (USA + Honduras), a professional photographer and fun loving bloke, has been entertaining us with pics from California trails and currently (mid '22) is thru hiking the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail.  ArmaSkin Ambassador
ArmaSkin Ambassador Luke (Aust), is an avid runner, especially in the Geelong and Great Ocean Road areas.
Karl (USA), is a regular thru hiker of the Camino. In his spare time Karl teaches survival skills. ArmaSkin Ambassador
How about you?   Do you think you fit the ArmaSkin super fan mould?  Please let us know if you do.
Hayley (Aust), is a regular long distance runner, specialising in distances from 5-40km. ArmaSkin Ambassador
ArmaSkin Ambassador Dr Sophie (Aust), experienced as an Emergency Doc for Everest Base Camp, is a hiker and mountain climber.
Alaina and her partner Aditya (USA), both doctors, have a goal to climb the Seven Summits. Alaina, mid '22 is attempting a summit of Denali. ArmaSkin Ambassador
ArmaSkin Ambassador Chris and his partner Shannon (Canada), are regular pilgrims on the Camino. Always take ArmaSkin to ensure a happy feet trip.
Amy (South Korea), although based in Asia, Amy heads Flyga Twiga which runs nature safaris in African National Parks. ArmaSkin Ambassador
ArmaSkin Ambassador Emma (UK), is a personal trainer who tosses in the occasional Paris, London or Athens Marathon.

If you are interested in becoming an ArmaSkin Ambassador please email some details about your interests to

The benefits of becoming an ArmaSkin Ambassador are that we amplify your profile on social media and you receive a substantial discount on our products.