ArmaSkin News   August 2023

ArmaSkin News August 2023

ArmaSkin News

Glacier Ride (USA / Canada)

Glacier Ride

Doreen from Orlando, Florida, is a loyal friend of ArmaSkin. She hiked the Spanish Camino de Santiago in 2019, wearing ArmaSkin liner socks everyday and proudly recalls "that I never suffered one blister for 520 miles!"

In 2023 we find her in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA  on the Glacier Climate Ride that takes her to Waterton National Park in Canada! 

Glacier Climate Ride is a 6-day charitable bike trip that explores the mountains, rivers, and roads of Glacier and Waterton National Parks, one of our most treasured wilderness areas and one in need of support! Best part: Glacier Ride raises funds for sustainability and renewable energy efforts in Glacier. Check it out!
Glacier National Park Conservancy Western Montana's Glacier Country Glacier National Park

Doreen uses her ArmaSkin for both hiking and cycling.


Tracey at the Fjords  (Norway)


ArmaSkin Ambassador Tracey surprised us by replacing her regular local Victorian trail pictures with some stunning shots from Norway.

If you have been thinking of a suitable overseas location for some sightseeing mixed with hiking then you can get a sense of what Norway has to offer from Tracey's Instagram account:

The lead ArmaSkin News picture and this one of Tracey are at the Fossmork Sollifjellet Lysefjord. Norway.


Molly and Zacc on the Australian Alps Walking Track (Australia)

 alpine track

Ambassador Molly posted this pic from her Australian Alps Walking Track adventure with partner Zacc.

The Great Dividing Range is certainly an amazing feature for all Australians.


Feeling adventurous?  (Set To Hike)

set to hike

If you are considering doing some overnight hiking for the first time then ArmaSkin Ambassador and prolific Youtuber Hayley of Set To Hike has some great tips for you.

Please check out her latest Youtube:

And by the way, congratulations to Hayley! Coincidentally after we mentioned her in last month's News, Hayley passed the important Youtube milestone of 10,000 subscribers.   Thanks to all the ArmaSkin folks who may have helped her along the way.



Kimberly shout out! (USA)


A big thank you to Kimberly who took the time to tell her online friends about ArmaSkin.

Here's a pic of Kimberly in the Crescent Meadow, High Sierra Trail Sequoia National Park. One of Kimberly's favourite hiking spots. She says, "surrounded by giant sequoias and filled with gorgeous wild flowers, lush green grass, and ferns in the summer time, this meadow is an absolute treat to explore. John Muir called Crescent Meadow the "Gem of the Sierra." and it is indeed just that."

You can follow Kimberly's hiking activities on her Instagram  or her website

And thanks to ArmaSkin Ambassador Erick for introducing ArmaSkin to Kimberly.


New Hiker Arrivals!!  (USA, Australia) 

 baby hiker

AI Pic

A big congratulations to two of our ArmaSkin Ambassadors who have recently delivered new bubs.

We now have 2 new hikers / mountain climbers?

First to deliver 3 months ago was Alaina, our Emergency Doc from the USA who has taken us around the world.  And in recent weeks Dr Sophie, from Australia who has taken us to Everest base camp.

And yes, two baby girls!  Girl power continues to grow!


Yukon 2020.  Blown Away!!  (Alaska) 

 Yukon 2020

In a heart breaking turn of events, with less than 100 miles of the 2020 miles Yukon River to cover, Art had to tap out due to incessant wild winds from the Bering Sea.

Having pulled over in early August, Art, now back in Arizona observes that the winds are still remaining too strong to have safely continued to the Sea.

For this determined 71 year old adventurer, and ArmaSkin Ambassador, the cost to sit it out became just too prohibitive.

So to recap, having entered the Yukon at Carmack Canada on May 28, 2023, after previously being stymied by unseasonal floods and Covid travel bans. Karts covered around 1700 miles down the Yukon River since May.
When asked about his most memorable moments, Art said, "for me it was having three guest paddlers this year. Bruce Jobin (Metis Nation of Canada), Myryja Friesen of Compassion Yukon, and Melinda Land from Kentucky, USA. And also very special was when a Yupik family (indigenous Arctic peoples) stopped to warn me about dangerous weather approaching." 

And for anyone considering such an epic river challenge, Art's best advice is "to be prepared for inclement weather that exceeds their expedition safety parameters. Plus, it's imperative they respect the indigenous peoples and their culture."

As with any major challenge like this Art emphasised that "Not only is this a physically challenging endeavour but also a mental one."

Above is a map that shows in red the distance travelled this year and the tantalising remaining 100 miles. 

Given the high cost associated with travel to Alaska Art says that he is very unlikely to return to compete the last 100 miles at a later date. Sadly he has had to leave his trusty canoe Coquette behind.

We of course look forward to what new adventures Art gets up to.

Kaylyn going from blisters to Boston (Canada)

ultra running
Kaylyn from Canada let us know about her use of ArmaSkin on her ultra running journey.

Kaylyn is a happily married mother of two who lives in the Canadian mountains. She is also an avid runner who has conquered some of the most challenging ultramarathons in the country. 

She ran her first ultramarathon, the Canadian Death Race, in 2015. She completed 100 km in 20 hours, but suffered from painful blisters that slowed her down. According to Kaylyn, she tried many ways to avoid blisters, but nothing worked until she discovered ArmaSkin socks. 

With ArmaSkin socks, and we are sure with a lot of training, she was able to run faster and longer without any discomfort. She ran the Canadian Death Race again in 2021, finishing 125 km in 21 hours and 47 minutes. She also ran the Iron Horse Ultra in 2022, placing first among women and fourth overall with a time of 12 hours and 32 minutes for 100 km. She ventured into winter running and won her first 25 km race in 2023. 

Her most recent achievement was qualifying for the Boston Marathon in her first full marathon in 2023. She ran 42.2 km in 3:25:17 at the Edmonton Servus Marathon, beating the qualifying standard for her age group by more than four minutes. She plans to run the Boston Marathon in 2024, wearing her ArmaSkin socks.

We hope to see more of Kaylyn's success over the coming years.

BlisterPod becomes latest ArmaSkin reseller

ArmaSkin is delighted to welcome BlisterPod as our latest reseller.

BlisterPod is led by Podiatrist Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod) of Esperance Podiatry (WA, Australia).

Rebecca is a renowned expert on blister prevention who some of you may know from her Blister Prevention website.

This website which is a focal point for international interest on blisters also has a convenient online shop for customers that now includes ArmaSkin. BlisterPod are stocking ArmaSkin in Australia and USA.


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This month we are sending prizes to Doreen for taking us on the Glacier Ride and to Kimberly for her shout out about ArmaSkin.

Don't miss your chance to show off your ArmaSkin gear and score this wonderful prize. So what are you waiting for? Get snapping and share your ArmaSkin story now! 

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