ArmaSkin News  December 2021

ArmaSkin News December 2021

The sun is setting on 2021!  A tough year for a lot of people for many different reasons. Despite the challenges we've been lucky enough to see it through and some of the events we've celebrated in the past have returned to the calendar.   Chris and Shannon revisited Camino, Alaina and Aditya conquered Mt Elbrus and Hayly subbed the 3hr Marathon. Lindsay completed the Berlin Marathon and Meegana completed the Oregon Trail after being forced to side step bushfires on the PCT.

But best of all we are on the cusp of a fresh New Year.  

We wish all our readers a great 2022!!   And to get things rolling there is a 22% discount until 1st January if you use code 2022 at   And check out the BE SWIFT opportunity in the Win Win Win section below.

Finally, be on the lookout for our Customer Survey email due out in the New Year.  The more responses we get, the better we can plan the way ahead for ArmaSkin customer satisfaction.

And a credit to Laura for the terrific sunset pic leading our news..

Melbourne Marathon

2:57:30 Melbourne Marathon!! Done!!  

Well done Hayley on your first sub 3 hr marathon!

"I have dreamt of this moment for so long! I am so incredibly grateful to all of you for the msgs of support I have received since Sunday’s marathon, it’s been quite overwhelming..
First up my coaches, knowing u guys had set a 2:45am alarm (WA time) just to track me is insane but it is this combined with your support and belief in me that really helped me dig deep when I needed too, I am so incredibly grateful and very lucky to have u both @katwatt83 @tsrunclub
Next up @bennytherunner generous, inspiring, thoughtful Benny who paced me to perfection, for no other reason than your just a genuinely amazing person! Your welcome to pace me anytime! Provided u bring your Mum again!
To my partner and family, thank you for believing in me, your patience and positivity, certainly not a solo sport, I now can say for certain I have the best team around me.  Love to u all x"

Bec Rose's Aussie Nature Adventure 

Bec Rose has been out and about in Little Desert studying  wildlife for the Victorian Museum.
As Bec's Instagram posts highlight, there was no shortage of cute little critters to capture for the study.
By the volume of pics on this species in particular it was clear that Bec had a soft spot for the Pygmy Possum.
Bec has been helping out with ArmaSkin Instagram posts over the last few months. A big thanks to Bec.

New Website:

With help from Hiking Hacks we've revitalised our website.

We hope that you find it a little simpler to navigate.

Please check it out and let us know if you like it or see any bits that may not be working satisfactorily.

Yukon 2020  

The prize for the most persistent planner must go to Karts Huseonica.  Since Yukon 2020 was first conceived in 2019 there have been unavoidable setbacks. But Karts remains committed to complete the challenge of canoeing down the Yukon.  At 71 Karts keeps in top shape and is laser locked onto the Yukon in 2022!

Last we heard from Karts was that he was heading to the desert to practice his drone photography skills.  One suspects that flying in the desert may be a little easier to master than flying in the heavy growth along the rocky Yukon riverway so some upskilling sounds highly desirable.

Karts is also busy collaborating with a documentary film maker to formulate a plan to create a quality film of the expedition. In addition, consideration is being given to having Yukon First Nations people join him on the expedition through the Yukon Territory. It’s also feasible that Alaska Native peoples could accompany Karts through the Alaska portion of the mighty Yukon River.

For more information, to donate, or to sponsor the expedition, please visit This includes an opportunity to receive naming rights to the expedition’s custom crafted canoe.

Trailwalker Teams

If you are planning on participating in Trailwalkers in 2022 then please get in touch with   We'd like to help keep you blister free.

International Customers Please Note:

As we indicated last month, for international deliveries, our new freight charge rate is a flat rate of $19 per delivery which includes the cost pf tracking.

An additional IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT  is that if you are overseas and order 3 or more pairs then we will waive the freight cost entirely!

We do remind you also that we have resellers in major markets including USA, Canada, UK and many parts of Europe.   

Here's a link to our reseller list.

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