ArmaSkin News  December 2022

ArmaSkin News December 2022

ArmaSkin News December 2022

Trek2Reconnect  (Australia)


Starting out on 28 January 2023, Lizz Hills is attempting to walk across Australia!

While the Australian continent is about 4000 kms wide, the route that Lizz is taking will visit Port Augusta and Alice Springs along the way.  That will see the total Trek cover about 5800km!

Why? You may ask.

Lizz is a dedicated nature and climate change educator. She works at Wild Mountains in Queensland.

In Lizz's words, "Climate change and biodiversity loss affects us all, but what can I do? What can I do that matters? Wild Mountains is an Environmental Education Centre located in  Queensland, Australia and since the early 2000's has continued to inspire, educate and connect students and community to our natural world. 

But here's the problem.  Many of us often feel the problem of climate change, plastic pollution or endangered animals is just too big to tackle. People become stuck when faced with the enormity of the problem. But you can make  a difference -  and together we can change the world. Be Personally committed, Act Locally but Think Globally.

Often we become disconnected from what matters in the world around us. As a result we can find it difficult to see what we can do to change the direction we are heading- in our schools, communities, or even as a planet. It's a busy, complicated world right? Is it the one we want to hand to our children?"

The walk aims to raise awareness, connect with schools and create positive change for the future. The Trek will take elements of Wild Mountains’ education programs into rural schools across Australia, to give students tools to make a difference in their changing world. To inspire them, through action, with their community- to make a difference.

"The Trek is going to change lives and who knows, perhaps the world. Through the conversations shared, ideas percolated and action taken. These are conversations had with regional farmers, first nations indigenous mob and communities of Australia and shared online". 

Lizz, (pictured below) backed by her support Team leave from Rathdowney State School, Queensland, January 28th.

Starting in Australia's hot summertime will in itself be a major threat to Lizz. If you are interested, you can support this Trek in whatever way is meaningful to you. Even a small gesture of sharing this post with someone you think might be interested in the Trek would be great! Reach out and say G'day  You can learn more at

ArmaSkin are delighted to be chosen as Lizz's primary sock for blister prevention.

Poorvoo Extreme Winners  (Finland)

Couldn't resist doubling back into something we mentioned in last News.  Here's a pic of ArmaSkin Ambassador Jeremy and his teammate Lari after they had just won the Porvoo Extreme 4 hr Rogaining running competition.   They navigated the 35km trail in the allotted 4hrs through snow!

The last we heard from Jeremy he was on his way to Lapland.   We aren't sure if it he is running or biking there or perhaps visiting Santa?

Lapland makes up about one third of Finland's total area, and it's a region, not a country. It covers parts of northern Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia's Kola Peninsula. To put its size into perspective, Lapland is as big as Belgium, Holland and Switzerland all put together.


2023 ArmaSkin Ambassador Program

If you are a regular reader of ArmaSkin News you'll see that we have a very active group of ArmaSkin Ambassadors.  In fact the opening picture features some of our Ambassadors celebrating their achievements in 2022.  Erick completed the PCT, Alaina climbed Denali, Kerry hiked Coast to Coastand Mike hiked the Tongariro just to name a few.

These are folks who love life and the outdoors!  We came to know them because of their enthusiasm for ArmaSkin for ensuring happy feet.

If you like sharing your outdoor adventures and of course are a fan of ArmaSkin you might like to become an ArmaSkin Ambassador too! 

Please let us know if you are interested (email ).  We will be sending out invitations to our 2023 Program shortly.


Tangles and Tail is back on the Trail! (The Americas)

Lucy Barnard, leader of the Tangles and Tail Team, has restarted her quest to become the first woman to walk the full length of the Americas.  That's from southern Argentina to Alaska!

You may recall that Lucy started in the first quarter of 2017!   It was at about the 9700km point of her journey that the scourge of Covid hit the world and rather than face an unknown time of potential lockdown in Columbia she returned to Australia.

As of December 4th 2022, Lucy and her now reunited dog Wombat are continuing their journey northward.  If you'd like to check on Lucy's progress, here's a link.

Yukon 2020 (Canada and Alaska)

The months will fly by and ArmaSkin Ambassador Karts Huseonica will be hoping for fair skies in May to accompany his third attempt at canoeing the Yukon.  He was previosulky stiumped by Covid restrictions and then last year storms flooded the various streams flowing into the Yukon bringing with them dangerous torrents of debris.

Looks like around 27-28  May, Karts will pick up where he left off in Carmacks, Yukon.   You can keep up to date on his adventure via

What's ArmaSkin got up its sleeve for 2023?

So, what's this?

This is potentially a new product for the ArmaSkin range.

Using ArmaSkin's unique grippy surface technology, this knee sleeve has been designed with trail riders who use knee protectors in mind.  It providers with a much less restrictive fixing.

Per the picture, rather than the heavier material of the ArmaSkin liner sock, the sleeve is made of breathable technical fabric used for professional cycling kit.

But, we are hereby putting it out to our readers to see if alternative ideas come to mind.  Drop us a line with your thoughts and you could be in line for an ArmaSkin reward.  And that includes letting us know if you might be lining up for an ArmaSkin sleeve. 

Answer of location competition

From our last Newsletter, in case you were wondering,  the location of this sunset where we inserted the soldier was from MARS!


Washington at its best.  (USA)

This magical photograph was taken by ArmaSkin Ambassador Erick on his recent through hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. It gives a hint of the serenity and beauty of Washington.

Erick is a professional photographer specialising in portraits and nature. Check more of his work on


Packrafting 101

ArmaSkin Ambassador Martin from the UK has become a packrafting fan and shared his journey via a December blog.

"If you’ve never heard about packrafting and you’re like me, love outdoor adventures, then I’d definitely recommend looking into this adventure activity."


Best wishes for 2023

And finally, it's a wrap for 2022 and wishing you all the best for blue skies over your adventures in 2023!

Thank you, our valued customers for helping us take ArmaSkin to the world!


If you are not in Australia and are ordering ArmaSkin from us in Australia.  Remember that delivery cost is free if you order 3 pairs or more  (doesn't apply to the already discounted 5 pack)   

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