Packrafting 101

Packrafting 101

packrafting with armaskin

If you’ve never heard about packrafting and you’re like me, love outdoor adventures, then I’d definitely recommend looking into this adventure activity. 

I was introduced to packrafting after seeing a video on YouTube and thought that this sport is perfect for me. I really enjoy hiking, fishing and paddling and packrafting puts all three of these together.

Packrafting has become very popular recently all over the world and here in the UK there is a massive increase in popularity. 

The obvious attraction is that it adds a new dimension to your adventure, a break from hiking with a pack to paddling while seated. It will takes you to new locations and of course the chance of dining on fresh fish.

Packrafting boats were originally designed to cross rivers and lakes of Alaska whilst out hiking or hunting. 

Basically Packrafts are a lightweight inflatable boat that you can carry anywhere, inflate on the bank and carry you and all of your equipment with you. 

All in all it puts around 6kg extra into your backpack. Packraft 2.2kg, paddle 750g, pfd 500g fishing rod 1.5kg, small gear and net 700g.

There are now many different manufacturers around the world with the likes of Alpacka rafts in The USA, Anfibio in Germany and MRS from China.

Types of packraft range from extreme lightweight, whitewater, expedition packrafts (where you can store your gear internally in the tubes) and even Packrafts that can carry your pedal bike.


When packrafting it’s all about being lightweight and personally I try to have gear that has two uses.  I can use the packraft seat as my pillow, use the paddle for my tent pole and have fishing gear that can be used for either fly or lure. Also an inflatable pad saves pack space and is really lightweight.

You have to understand that you will be carrying more weight than a normal hiking adventure but packrafting opens the doors to adventure. 

The one thing with packrafting is you will be wet a lot of the time so it might be good to own a dry suit.  

If your spending time where your transitioning from paddling to portaging you might find trail runners and waterproof socks are a good idea.  

Your feet won’t stay dry all the time.  If your feet are wet you’re increasing the chance of blisters and that’s where ArmaSkin socks come into to play.  The anti blister socks will still keep your feet blister free.

If you’re interested in further information or fancy having a look at some of my packrafting adventures then have a look at the videos below. 

Packrafting expedition in Sweden

Bikerafting overnighter

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Editor's note: Wondering whether inflating a packraft would be lung busting or require carrying a pump here's a lightweight and simple solution:   INFLATION

Preparing for packrafting

About the author: Martin Grove has been an ArmaSkin Ambassador for several years. With his day job as an Emergency Paramedic in the UK, Martin depends on his outdoor activities to keep him refreshed. Martin also loves sharing his hiking and packrafting adventures on his YouTube channel.

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