ArmaSkin News  February 2022

ArmaSkin News February 2022


Heading to Antarctica

We are hoping to be able to confirm that ArmaSkin has successfully travelled to Antarctica

Leslie and her partner have landed in Yankee Harbour as they start a couple of weeks  exploring Antarctica. Named for the American sealers that used to come here in the 1820's. There are elephant, Weddell, fur seals, and about 4000 pairs of gentoo penguins. 

The ship that they arrived on is the Roald Amundsen (which is the first hybrid-powered ship). It features a Citizen Science Center with lectures provided by three women researchers from @californiaoceanalliance .

You will be able to see more posts from Leslie on Instagram 


Hayley at Earland (PRE) Falls?

Hayley of Set To Hike is keeping busy in New Zealand.  Here she is at Earland Falls.

"The Routeburn Track in New Zealand is certainly a stunning great walk. We did it in 3 days, but I understand why some would take 4 days or longer, would have loved to have spent more time here. Though with stitches in me leg a swim was out of the question, something to look forward to next time. Though didn’t stop me from throwing my head under the falls! Fabulous!!!"

So Hayley, what's the story behind the leg stitches?   Did you have plastic surgery to turn that right kneecap into a human face?

You can see more of Hayley's NZ adventures at Set To Hike Youtube.

Lead Pic: Mount Cougal

Our lead pic is from Mike of Walk for Wiggly Eyes fame. 

"It was a long 14.5km walk up both Mount Cougal's East Peak then West Peak.

After the rain we've had over the last few days, it definitely made for some extra mud and slippery rocks on the way up and down, hence the "long 14.5km" comment. Plus it was pretty steep. All these factors made for some slow moving at times.

After a fairly long climb with several leeches, we got to to summit of a cloudy viewless East Peak. We carried on down and back up to the West Peak (don't bother, it's not worth it) and then headed back, passing the East Peak on the way back. Fortunately the cloud had mostly cleared by this stage. Therefore all these pictures are from the East Peak on the way back.

A good day, of hiking, scrambling, slipping, rain, sun, aaaand no one died..... although we did come close. I fall and slipped off a rock and fall into a roll for about 2m, and Ivan had a rock nearly fall on his face..... but the rock bottled it last minute and missed his face!"

You can keep up with Mike on instagram.

Mt Macedon 

Tracey W, you can tell by the hat, celebrates Hike 11 2022 - Mt Macedon and Sanatorium Lake.   As Tracey says: "This place always impresses. Carrying a 19kg pack this was great training."

Wonder what Tracey is training for?   And for Melburnians this hike is only 49 mins from the CBD.

Follow me for nutrition and fitness

Having just had this young lady lead me through a 21 day nutrition challenge I'm pleased to say I've been able to replace some bad habits with good ones.

Being fit for life and the trail go hand in hand.

If you are curious it is easy to check Frances out at Active Body In Balance

(Full disclaimer, she is one of my daughters so say I sent you for a special reception)

OxFamTrailwalker Teams

Oxfam Trailwalker is Australia's original team challenge where teams of four walk 100km to help end world poverty, funding Oxfam projects across the globe.

If you also are participating in Trailwalker, please get in touch with us.  as we'd like to help your journey!

Customers Outside Australia Please Note:

As we indicated last month, for international deliveries, our new freight charge rate is a flat rate of $19 per delivery which includes the cost of tracking.

An additional IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT  is that if you are overseas and order 3 or more pairs then we will waive the freight cost entirely!

We do remind you also that we have resellers in major markets including USA, UK and many parts of Europe.   

Here's a link to our reseller list.


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