ArmaSkin News   February 2023

ArmaSkin News February 2023

Sharon on the Overland Track

Being greeted by the Sun  (Victoria Australia)


Luke was up and at 'em bright and early to capture this sunrise! 

As all hikers know, being out in the mornings to enjoy the rising sun is such a brilliant way to start the day!

Trek2Reconnect  (Australia)


Lizz is well and truly into her attempt to trek across Australia. You just can't mistake that outback red dirt!

Her main goal is to connect with young students along the way to stimulate discussion on the wonders of the great outdoors and the importance of protecting nature and the planet.

If you've been tracking Lizz on  Trek2Reconnect on Instagram  you will have noticed Lizz on two wheels at the start of the  journey.  According to Lizz, "bike riding has definitely not replaced walking! I think bodies are made for walking ...or at least mine is. I had not ridden a bike really since high school! And my body is feeling it!  But  as things came together with timing I ended up organising our 'colour Walk off' (so much fun ) for the Saturday 28th Jan and needed to be at the Stanthorpe art gallery for a community speaking event and had 3 days to get from Rathdowney to Stanthorpe.  Walking it was outside of what I could do so plan B was the bike."

"It has been taxing on my body as I thought it would. I have been surprised at my deep fatigue/exhaustion. Each day I am recovering well and ready to go again but I am only 3 weeks into it and moved 800kms along. We have visited 7 schools so far and look forward to visiting Brewarrina State School on Wednesday to talk about what they think is happening in our environment and what they think is in their bright future. 🌞  some of the responses from students so far have been awesome. There is real concern for the future from high-schoolers but also a lot of positive feedback about possibilities. Primary schoolers I have come across just all seem excited. My favourite side comments to our incursions so far was from a 11 year old boy at Inglewood State School, "well , I don't know if we are all connected like you say, but I do reckon if you do this (trek2reconnect) then I can see that I can change the world too." My jaw dropped. I will  hold onto this moment."

"We have had sunshine 95% of the time, the heat has been  unreal. I have seen more sunrises in the last 3 weeks than I have in my whole life! The sunrises have been next level, usually a highlight of my day."

"I have been wearing ArmaSkin even when riding as my style of bike riding involves a lot of walking ! Whenever I come across a hill...or after 3 hours and need to do something different with my body."

You can support the Trek in whatever way works for you. A small gesture of sharing this post with someone you think might be interested would be great! Just reach out and say G'day  You can learn more at


Overland Track (Tasmania, Australia)

hikers on overland track

Usually on the trails running, this time, Sharon joined a crew of 5 hikers on the Overland Track (that's Sharon in our lead pic).

"It was the most amazing week in Tassie, hiking the Overland Track with 4 amazing friends. Spectacular scenery, remote wilderness, wildlife, swimming in freezing waterfalls & streams, sleeping in my tent, rationing toilet paper, no showers, dehydrated meals, just being out in nature, taking time to just soak all the beauty in & more!

I loved every second & would do it all again tomorrow! 75km, 5 nights, no blisters, cheers ArmaSkin for keeping my feet happy!"


OxFam Trailwalker   (Melbourne Aus March 24-26)

oxfam trailwalker

Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the most inspiring team challenges in the world. You and your team of 3 to 6 people will journey through a 100km, 50km or 30km bush trail within 40 hours. It’s not a relay. Your team has to start together, stick together and finish together — it’s tough, but with the right training and attitude, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. The feeling when you cross the finish line will be something you’ll never forget.

ArmaSkin is supporting a local team led by Eugene, called La Scrambled Legs   You can donate to that link if you wish.

Good luck to all Trailwalkers.   Contact us if you need blister protection.


Barwon Heads Bluff Walk  (Aus)

Barwon Heads hiking

Tracey took us to Barwon Heads Bluff Walk. (Wadawurrung Country)

Near to 3km in length, this walking/cycling/running track loops around the picturesque locations of the Barwon River, Ocean Grove Main Beach and Barwon Heads Bridge. Staircases situated along the track allow you direct access to the beach and/or river.

"Oh, today was just about perfect! It was a bit cooler down the coast and the water was the perfect temp for a little dip of the feet afterwards.... Bliss!"

Camino (Spain)

Jack on the Camino

Jack sent in this pic from his recent pilgrimage along the Camino Santiago in Spain.

"I love my ArmaSkins!" 

And that sign is saying 100km to Santiago. After close to 700km walking to get there, always a welcome sign of achievement.

Springbrook National Park (Queensland Aus)


Laura has done it again with this awe inspiring picture of Mount Warning taken in the Springbrook National Park.

What a place to visit!  Spectacular waterfalls, lush rainforest, ancient trees, impressive views, exceptional ecological importance and natural beauty makes Springbrook an outstanding place to visit.

Springbrook National Park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area(external link), one of Queensland’s five World Heritage properties and part of the World Heritage Family.


Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park (NZ)


Hayley of @settohike “We captured almost 1TB of footage on the Milford Track. "I also broke my own record for my longest day out on the track. Leaving at 8:30am and getting into camp at 8:50pm. Certainly an exhausting 4 days but ohhh it was beautiful! Here's a sneak peek while I sort out my hard-drives!!"

The rugged landscape is captured above and below.  Can't wait to see Hayley's youtube from this trek.   We strongly recommend you subscribe to Hayley's Set To Hike youtube channel.  


Want to become an ArmaSkin Ambassador?

If you are a regular reader of ArmaSkin News you'll see that we have a very active group of ArmaSkin Ambassadors. 

In this edition there are contributions from our Ambassadors; Sharon, Tracey, Laura, Luke and Hayley.

These are folks who love life and the outdoors!  We came to know them because of their enthusiasm for ArmaSkin for ensuring happy feet.

If you like sharing your outdoor adventures and of course are a fan of ArmaSkin you might like to become an ArmaSkin Ambassador too! 

Please let us know if you are interested (email ). 

Market feedback for FlipSockz

flipsockzCurious what you think about the idea of Flipsockz?

As we all know it is so easy to pick up a stone in a boot when hiking gravely tracks.

Our friend, Ben, in the USA is trying to bring to market his invention called  Flipsockz 

They are merino wool blend socks with a built in gaiter.

Let us know what you think, or if you like, drop Ben an email at


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