ArmaSkin News  January 2022

ArmaSkin News January 2022


Here's Hayley in our lead pic! Now in NewZealand and enjoying the sights including Mt Ngauruhoe which last erupted in 1977. Hayley scarily said: "Probably due for another one any time soon. We spent 4 days covering the Tongariro Northern Circuit, aka volcano land! My first hike in New Zealand!! It was INSANE. What have you got next NZ!⁣⁣"
We can't wait!


Ash Carps Goes Ultra


Well done to Ash Carpenter! Ash completed her first Ultra, the Two bays Trail Run in January.

Situated on the Mornington Peninsula. The Two Bays Trail goes from Dromana, on Port Phillip Bay, to Bushrangers Bay and on to Cape Schanck.

56km runners start and finish at Cape Schanck.  28km Runners start at Dromana and finish at Cape Schanck.

Ash covered 56.2km in 7:06:46.

First proposed by Stefanie Rennick in 1984 as part of the Victorian 150th anniversary celebrations, the 28km Trail traverses a diverse range of landscapes for which the Mornington Peninsula is famous.

The steep rise from sea level up to Arthurs Seat (elevation 1,000ft) provides 310 degrees of breathtaking views across the bay to Melbourne. The trail is well marked by a blue wren bird symbol on all signs. The middle of the track passes through mostly undulating national park and forest. The section on the Bass Strait side reveals Bushrangers Bay, which is arguably more beautiful than the 12 apostles area of the Great Ocean Road.


Molly and Zach Tackle the South Coast Track (Tasmania)

Tasmania’s wild southern coastline is the location of a 6-8 day spectacular, but super challenging hike. Along this 85 km track you will wander windswept beaches, scramble around rocky headlands climb over hills and mountain ranges and often endure mud and wet feet along the buttongrass plains.

This walk is a true adventure - the memories created and the feeling of achievement when you complete it will last a lifetime.

This walk is much more difficult than the popular Overland Track as there are no huts (once you leave Melaleuca) and strong winds, steady rain, and even snow in elevated areas, can occur at any time of the year. In one location, walkers are required to row a dinghy across a lagoon outlet. South Coast walkers need to be experienced and completely self-sufficient. 

In the top picture Molly is shown ascending The Western Arthurs Traverse (Moraine A - K). According to Molly: "This was one seriously technical, challenging, spectacular, wild and insanely beautiful trail."

And, as the brochure says be ready to "endure mud", shown below is Zacc somehow traversing one of those muddy patches!  Crazy!!


Erick's Ready to "Hit the Dirt" on the PTC

Erick Andino, also known on Instagram as @dogfoot_trailing, hails from Los Angeles. A US Navy Vet, a professional photographer and an ArmaSkin Ambassador 

Importantly Erick has been aspiring to undertake the Pacific Crest Trail and it is exciting to report that he has now got his official permit to start his hike at the end of March '22 .

Even though he had to tough out a few weeks of Covid he is now back in full training and prepping for this adventure.  In Erick's words, he is "ready to hit the dirt".

And he will need to be! The PCT delivers some of its toughest tests in the first couple of hundred miles especially if Winter storms have been late or severe.

The PCT begins in the chaparral of Southern California at an elevation of 2,913 ft / 888 m but then, within the first 50 mi / 80 km, climbs to over 6,000 ft / 1,829 m at Mount Laguna. Mount Laguna gets an average of 13.4 in / 34 cm of snow a year and averages temperatures of freezing or below for over a third of March. These numbers aren't that big of a deal, but they're just the start of a series of challenges PCT hikers face in “the desert”.

The next big challenge comes when hikers pass Paradise Valley Cafe and begin climbing toward Idyllwild. It's here the trail climbs above 7,000 ft / 2,134 m for the first time. Shortly afterward as the trail approaches Mount San Jacinto – the sixth highest peak in Southern California at 10,834 ft / 3,302 m – PCT hikers climb above 9,000 ft / 2,743 m. 

It becomes a tricky and treacherous time when the Big Melt occurs!

We are wishing Erick the best weather possible and are looking forward to any images or stories that Erick can post from the Trail.


Yukon Challenge Steps Up A Gear!  


The seasonal window for the Yukon River to thaw is approaching.  Around Dawson, which is about 3/4 up the River, things historically shift around the first week of May.  

So, 2022 is opening up as a real possibility for Yukon 2020™!

Yukon 2020™ is the name of the adventure that Art Huseonica has to canoe the length of the Yukon. It is a 60-day expedition to canoe 2,020 miles/3,250km of the Yukon River from Bennett Lake in the mountains of Canada to the Bering Sea in Alaska.

Ever since conceiving the idea, and despite Covid prohibiting travel for the last two years, Art has kept his eye on the prize!

The big news is that this 71 year old adventurer from Arizona will be tackling the Yukon in an open, Canadian style, 18 foot Nova Craft canoe, SOLO!!!  Although originally going with a buddy that option fell away.   There is still the possibility that  Art may be joined from time to time by a member from Alaska Natives People but Plan A is solo.

Depending on prevailing conditions, Yukon 2020™ will be interacting with First Nation residents in the Yukon Territory of Canada. In Alaska, Art will be visiting select Alaska Natives’ fishing villages along the Yukon River.

As demonstrated when Art participated in a river journey down the length of the Amazon, Art will be a good representative of a professional expedition. Besides being the right thing to do, it is in his character to be accepting of and learning about all peoples’ beliefs and way of life. He’s also sensitive to being respectful to a village leader’s decision whether or not to permit the team access to their village.

Art's itinerary starts with departure from  Arizona USA on May 23, 2022. Once in Canada, after some short plane hops and portage of the canoe he hopes to be in the water on approximately May 27, 2022. 

Whenever you read the word "portage" visualise a 71 yo pulling an 18 foot canoe over rough terrain!  Whether that's a loaded or empty canoe, that'll be a job!  Art will have a two-wheeled dolly to assist.  Its at those times in particular that Art will be pleased to be wearing ArmaSkin.

You will be able to follow along at home using the estimated trip timeline. Karts will be publishing a publicly-accessible GPS track via SPOT X, so stay tuned for the link.

For more information, to donate, or to sponsor the expedition, please visit This includes an opportunity to receive naming rights to the expedition’s canoe.


Trailwalker Teams

Please say Hi to Sharon, an ArmaSkin Ambassador who is participating in Trailwalkers Melbourne in 2022.

Sharon let us know that she and her Team : Girls Weekend Away 2.0 are challenging themselves to walk 100kms in 48 hours this March to tackle poverty:  feet first!

Oxfam Trailwalker is Australia's original team challenge where teams of four walk 100km to help end world poverty, funding Oxfam projects across the globe.

Sharon and her Team will be training hard as this is a challenge like no other.

If you'd like to support Sharon here's a simple link:

AND if you also are participating in Trailwalker, please get in touch with us.  as we'd like to help your journey!


International Customers Please Note:

As we indicated last month, for international deliveries, our new freight charge rate is a flat rate of $19 per delivery which includes the cost pf tracking.

An additional IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT  is that if you are overseas and order 3 or more pairs then we will waive the freight cost entirely!

We do remind you also that we have resellers in major markets including USA, UK and many parts of Europe.   

Here's a link to our reseller list.


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