ArmaSkin News March 2021

ArmaSkin News March 2021

ArmaSkin News March 2021 for Hikers and Runners

Cape to Cape Track (WA)

Cape to Cape Track

ArmaSkin Ambassador Dr Sophie has been hiking the southern The Cape to Cape Walk Track.

Hikers on Cape to Cape wearing ArmaSkin for blister prevention

This is a long-distance walk trail located in the far south-west corner of Western Australia, 250 kilometres (160 mi) south of Perth. It meanders along the whole length of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, which forms the backbone of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. Its start and finish are the lighthouses at the tips of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. The Track extends over 123 kilometres (76 mi) of coastal scenery, sheltered forests and pristine beaches, and is in close proximity to the caves, vineyards and other features and attractions of the South West Capes - Margaret River region.

Here's a sample:

Beach along the Cape to Cape Track

Overland Track  TICK!

Overland Track TAS

ArmaSkin Ambassador Andrea, with a bunch of friends, has completed the Overland Track in Tasmania!  The following is a grab from her Instagram page, @getlostwithandybee , which provides some handy hints for multiday hiking newbies.

"This was my first ever multiday pack carry. In fact, I’d only just done my first ever overnight pack carry a few months ago. I love sharing these firsts with my mate Jackie (Jackie left and Andrea right are featured in the lead picture).  I’m super proud of us for taking on these new challenges and experiences at a later stage in life. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before; the trail is a great leveller and welcomes everyone equally!

Having said that, I’m super grateful for the wealth of experience and valuable info I was able to get from so many people before this adventure. From dehydration tips, packing tips and tips on gear, everything helped! Thanks go to those of you I bugged incessantly with questions 🤣🤣

Of course, there’s nothing like actually DOING something to find out where you went wrong. Or in some cases, got things really right! Most of these things will be obvious to a lot of people but for a beginner like me, not so much. So for other beginners like me, I hope this helps a bit. I’d love to hear your tips!

1. This is something I got right! Training! I trained for close to a year for this and it paid off in spades! See pic 3. Climbing up Marions with a loaded pack would’ve had me pushing that button for the chopper a year ago! 🥵. But thanks to the awesome Rowan and my program with him , I popped up there like a rat up a drainpipe! 🦝. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but you get my point. Thanks mate! 🙏🏻👍
2. Take more coffee ☕️ (for coffee addicts of course). Two cups a day is NOT ENOUGH peeps! Especially if you decide to have three one day and you’re on rations which leaves another day of only one coffee! That’s crazy shit. Don’t do it. Pack more than you need!
3. Controversial but I’d actually pack an extra pair of socks. Unless you’re a crazy gram-counter, I wish I’d packed three instead of two. I guess this is weather-dependent; probs no point in warm dry weather
4. Pack a variety of meals. Duh. Seems obvious. But I’m a creature of habit at home and can literally eat the same meals day after day after week after month. It’s how I roll. I thought this would translate to more of the same on the trail. I was wrong! I had the same brekky and same lunch Every. Freaking. Day. And it got boring real quick.
5. Pack sweet stuff in. I’m a savoury tooth and can have a block of chocolate sit in the pantry at home for weeks without wanting it. But put chips and nuts in front of me and I’ll hoover them up lickety-split! BUT, my whole DNA changed for those days on the trail. At night, I craved sugar and looked on with pathetic sadness at others devouring slabs of chocolate or hugging a cup of hot choccy.
6. Don’t forget your panty liners. ‘Nuff said
7. Take spare shoelaces. One of mine broke. I did a spectacular job of tying it back together! And I had packed in some cable ties which I could’ve used however didn’t fancy the idea of having a permanently secured ‘lace’.
8. Voltaren is awesome! But prevents nature taking it’s true course so ensure you’re counteracting it with more fibre! "

Hiker with pack and ArmaSkin scaling hill

Oxfam Trailwalker 2021

OxFam Trailwalkers use ArmaSkin for Blister Prevention

Oxfam Trailwalker physical events are back in 2021!

Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney
Friday 3 - Sunday 5 September

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne
Friday 8 - Sunday 10 October

Occasionally in life you get the chance to achieve something extraordinary, something that will inspire others and prove something to yourself. Oxfam Trailwalker is one of those rare opportunities. It’s an epic journey that changes lives forever – including yours.

For more details visit

If you are organising a Team for the Trailwalker, please let us know so we can find ways to support your efforts.

Runners World UK 

Runners World UK highlights ArmaSkin for blister prevention

The latest issue of Runners World UK takes a deep dive into the history of blisters and looks at the solutions that have been developed over the centuries.

ArmaSkin is excited to be noted as one of the most advanced solutions for blister prevention on the market today.

The Article is only available via hard copy in the Magazine.

ArmaSkin 3 in 1 benefits

ArmaSkin Blog shows benefits beyond blister prevention

Hikers and runners can give their feet a belting. The internals of the foot stretch and flex to recover and protect themselves.  However damage often occurs in the form of blisters, swollen feet or plantar fasciitis.

In this ArmaSkin BLOG article, characteristics of ArmaSkin are shown to deliver relief across this trifecta of potential conditions.

Ah Chair winner 

As part of our support for local manufacturers of hiking gear we are pleased to promote products made in Australia or New Zealand.

Last month we featured the innovative Ah Chair and offered a chance to WIN.

Well,after a good response we drew from the hat:  Neil Frost of Victoria who noted,
"I would love to win a ah chair because I am old and love hiking." ( Nic Name GROOT because I am as old as a tree)
Designed and manufactured in Moruya on the South Coast of NSW the “Ah Chair” is a recent innovation in hiking comfort. Weighing just over 200 grams the Ah Chair is the lightest camping chair available in the world.  The basic principle of the chair is that your feet are used to support your back. It promotes correct posture and eases back pain.  It might look a bit unusual but it works!

And here is a link to an ArmaSkin blog listing 51 companies making hiking stuff in Australia and New Zealand and a direct link to Ah Chair.

Great Walks Apr-May issue out now!

The Great Walks April-May issue is on its way to newsagents and subscribers! The theme of the issue is 'Ultimate Escapes' and includes some truly inspiring hiking yarns.

They start off with one woman's story of a 12-day solo trip on the Eastern Goldfields Loop, just outside of Perth where she needed plenty of planning and pluck.

As 2021 is the Holy Year of the Camino they have dedicated 21 pages looking at the world best pilgrim walks including the world famous Camino de Santiago.

To get your copy of Great Walks check your local newsagent  or see the Sign Up button at the bottom of this linked page.

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ArmaSkin is Australia's own top selling, locally made, anti-blister liner sock.

 ArmaSkin is Australia's own top selling, locally made, anti-blister liner sock.



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