ArmaSkin News  March 2023

ArmaSkin News March 2023

ArmaSkin News

Huayhuash: 8 days along the Andes

In our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, Liam Veigel let us know about his many hiking adventures including an 8 day trek along the Andes.

This amazing pic is just a glimpse into his world.

You can see more on his YouTube channel :


Trek2Reconnect  (Australia)


Lizz is currently making her way about 200kms north of Adelaide towards Alice Springs on her mammoth journey of 6000kms across the Australian continent.

For those who are following her journey,  which sees her drop into schools along the way to discuss the importance of the land and caring for the environment, you may have noticed that she is making terrific progress.

Just for the record, we note that Lizz is mixing some bike riding with her hiking.  Needless to say the Australian Outback is brutal no matter how you are travelling and it is only just in the last week or so of her 56 day trek so far that the Australian desert landscape is starting to be her daily companion.  Thousands of km of similar terrain lie ahead!

More info on Lizz's journey can be found at


Ruissalo Island  (Turku, Finland)

Ruissalo Island

ArmaSkin Ambassador Jeremy took a long run on Ruissalo Island in the fog with friends Lari and Esa.

That sure looks like a treacherous running surface! 

Jeremy's looking forward to Spring arriving in 3-4 weeks.

If you are looking for an unusual holiday destination, Ruissalo Island’s oak forests is the home of some animal, mushroom and plant species that are otherwise rare in Finland. The idyllic villas that were built after the mid-19th century create a unique atmosphere. The island has a camping area, hotel, bed and breakfast as well as numerous cafés and restaurants. The well-maintained paths and tracks invite you to explore the island’s unique nature and history.\

OxFam Trailwalker  (Melbourne and Sydney Aus)

Oxfam Trailwalker in Melbourne is now completed. 

Congratulations to all those who participated and hopefully completed the somewhat tortuous course in the allotted time.

A Trailwalker is one of the most inspiring team challenges in the world. You and your team of 3 to 6 people  journey through a 100km, 50km or 30km bush trail within 40 hours. It’s not a relay. Your team has to start together, stick together and finish together — it’s tough, but with the right training and attitude, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. The feeling when you cross the finish line will be something you’ll never forget.

In the Melbourne Trailwalker, ArmaSkin supported a local team called La Scrambled Legs who raised an amazing $6,732.  Jennifer, John, Johnathan, Eugene and Allan all made the 100km journey in just over 38 hours!  Here's a pic from one of the night time training hikes.


training for Oxfam trailwalker

Sydney Trailwalker is up next from 25th -27th August 2023.

ArmaSkin is always happy to support Teams.

Contact us if you need blister protection.     


Hello to A Hikers Friend  ( Aus )

ArmaSkin is pleased to welcome to our community, A Hiker's Friend.

Josh Welch set up this website for Australian hikers to find everything they need to know about all things hiking.

Josh is an avid, keen and young hiker who wants to share experiences with others to help them grow. "I am a one man band who does everything by myself, it's not easy but I love every moment of what I do in sharing all I can with others."

This site is a community project set up with the aim to share not only the basic details of a hike but rather more detailed notes and directions about the trail you want to walk. 

Check out A Hiker's Friend at


Mothers Day and Marathons

Emma, of the UK, gave us Aussies a timely reminder that Mothers Day is just around the corner and that ArmaSkin is a great gift for any outdoor active Mum.

Emma is currently training for the London marathon and is raising funds for Action for AT.

A-T is a rare, degenerative condition that affects many different parts of the body and generally appears in early childhood.  Symptoms progressively worsen, leading to full-time wheelchair use – usually before the early teens.
A-T occurs in approximately 1 in 300,000 live births. However, A-T diagnosis can be delayed or missed due to its similarities with other conditions.

If you'd like to support Emma here's a link:


Yukon 2020  Karts' last chance! (Canada / Alaska)

Melinda Land

Modified extract from Sun City Independent by Karen Carlsen Huseonica (Karts' better half).

Sun City Resident Art “Karts” Huseonica, 72, added a teammate for his Yukon River expedition, Yukon 2020.

Delayed since 2020, he’s laser-focused on completing the 2,020-mile expedition. Twice delayed due to Canada’s COVID travel restrictions, Yukon Territory’s border closures and again last year due to 100-year event flooding.

Huseonica won’t be alone all the time. He’ll have international guest paddlers, some of whom are from indigenous groups in the Yukon Territory and Alaska. This includes First Nations, Metis Nation and Alaska Natives.

Also going up to the Yukon for a portion of the journey with Huseonica will be Melinda Land, 52, of Kentucky (pictured above).

“I’m so humbled to have Melinda and her white-water experience and backpacking skills,” Huseonica said. “She brings to the expedition an enhanced level of expertise on the water and efficient methods of unloading the expedition canoes in dangerous situations, and setting up a safe and viable campsite.”

Camping along the Yukon River is frequently energy sapping. Dangers facing the paddlers in addition to hypothermia are black Yukon wolves, mosquitoes and brown and black bears. Huseonica noted that he’s always looking for mature decision-making skills and risk management assessment experience in his guest paddlers.

Born into an outdoors family, Land was immersed in wilderness activities, such as backpacking, Girl Scouts, paddling and adventuring off the beaten path. She’s joining the expedition with the full support of her family and friends.

“I am excited to join Karts for his Yukon expedition and very grateful for the opportunity to paddle alongside indigenous adventurers, gaining knowledge of their history and culture,” said Land. “We have let technology and social media capture our minds and forget to enjoy the outdoors. I always try to inspire the love of the land and water in others, as my parents did for me.”

According to Karts' contacts at the top of the Yukon, thawing is slow due to a recent winter storm system. Still Karts is confident that it should be a good time to paddle when he put's in on May 28.

With Yukon 2020 consuming Karts and Karen's attention for almost 5 years, the ultimate message has been given to Karts from Karen. "My wife Karen says not to come home until it's done. No more attempts after this summer!"  

For more information about Yukon 2020 visit:


Getting Engaged or Planning a Marriage?

Our lead picture from Wild Horse Mountain on the Sunshine Coast was provided by Bernadette of Ceremonies by Bernadette, a hiker and marriage celebrant on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  If you'd like to have your special event in one of Australia's most picturesque regions then contact her via Ceremonies by Bernadette.  Say ArmaSkin sent you.



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Congratulations to this month's winners, Emma, who is on track for the London marathon, and Liam who was in the Andes.

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ArmaSkin Hiking Magazine :   Saying Goodbye

We are sorry to report that due to the closure of the platform that we will no longer be able to produce the ArmaSkin Hiking magazine in its current form.   There will be a short hiatus, but we are hoping to develop an alternative in the coming months.   Our monthly ArmaSkin News is not affected.

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