ArmaSkin News  November 2020

ArmaSkin News November 2020

ArmaSkin News 2020  blister prevention for hikers and runners

Little Gem - Table Top Mountain

If you are looking for a short distanced hike, with beautiful sceneries, this is a great trail to get your blood pumping, and It takes less than 10 minutes' drive from Picnic Point in Toowoomba. 

Even though this hike only has a 2km return distance in total, it is no walk in the park. If you are just started with hiking, and have not done any class 5 and above tracks, I would not recommend to attempt this. It is a steep hike and involves some less extensive rock scrambling. If you are taking children for this walk, please be careful as most of the track is very close to cliff edges.

You can read Laura's full report by following this link to Yolo Hiking. where there are reports on plenty of Queensland hikes.

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How to put on the ArmaSkin Anti-blister toe socks

As we are getting more of our new toe sock design onto the feet of hikers and runners we thought it a good time to provide a visual guide to putting these unusual socks on.

A good friend of ArmaSkin, Hayley Warnock of Set To Hike, put her hand up (or should it be "foot up") for the gig!

Here's a link to our Toe sock information page and the youtube video.

By the way, per the quality of the video, you can see that Hayley is a skilled video creation professional. Drop her an email if you have a project to discuss with her. ( )

Been raining in the Macedon Ranges

Been raining in the Macedon Ranges

Anna who is a keen walker shared this pic of a waterfall from the Macedon Ranges.

With loads of rain this November, Victorian waterfalls have been featuring strongly in posts.


New Babies

In amongst all the Covid drama we are very happy to report that three of our overseas ArmaSkin friends have recently delivered new joy to the world.

Alaina, our Emergency Doc in California, Jessica our Walking Mermaid in Tennessee and Anya our ex pro hockey player in Connecticut, have all delivered happy and healthy little boys! Which is a nice balance with my (Editor) girls back in Aus who've delivered 3 little girls this year!

CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Trails to All!


Blister blog


Last month we highlighted the following Ngram which posed an interesting question about the state of blister prevention.

We had many comments from readers so we dug deeper into the Ngram story.

In case you missed it, earlier this month we published an extended blog article that looked at the prevalence of blisters and the sort of strategies that are being used to keep hikers and runners free of blisters. Tapes vs liners socks vs patches and lubricants etc.

Covid Update

While rejoicing that we in Australia have, for the time being, beaten back the prevalence of Covid to close to zero new cases on a daily basis we must spare a thought for those overseas who still face significant challenges.

Our secure situation is only because we throttled down the numbers of Aussies who can return so that we do not indiscriminately reintroduce Covid to the country. Recent outbreaks have been traced back to hotels accommodating those who've returned from overseas. Optimising that inflow has been challenging to say the least.

We have around 30,000 Australians stranded overseas who are queued to return. With a local processing rate which includes 14 days quarantine for returning visitors of 5000 per week, clearly not all will be home for Christmas.

But our situation is nowhere near the dire circumstances unfolding overseas in the Americas and Europe where there are currently over 10,000 deaths per week each.

We wish all of you beyond Australia and New Zealand well and encourage you to follow the basics of good hygiene, minimise social interactions and wear a mask when at risk. And of course get tested and put yourself into self quarantine whenever you have symptoms or have come into contact with someone who may have Covid.


One thing we in Australia have not overcome is the significantly extended delivery times to the USA and Europe. We hear reports of 10-12 weeks for what would normally have been 2 weeks.

We have resellers in most major markets.

Here's a link to our Partnerships page in case you are overseas and looking for a quick delivery.


Operators Coffee Club (Denmark)

Smartasker (Sweden: Norway: EU-countries: )

ArmaSkin Nederlands :
UK: Axis Podiatry (North West England), Blister Help (North England)

USA: Currently there are no industry resellers but we do sell via Amazon USA.


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Christmas Deliveries

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Stories from you, the happy wearers of ArmaSkin, are our most powerful learning and marketing tool. We thus encourage you to tell us about your experiences and adventures with ArmaSkin.

For your chance to win your choice of a pair of ArmaSkin liner socks simply email : a picture of you on the go using an ArmaSkin product together with a short comment about the picture. Or you can #ArmaSkin in a social media post that could come to our attention.

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This month's prize goes to Anna for taking ArmaSkin to the Macedon Ranges.
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