ArmaSkin News  November 2021

ArmaSkin News November 2021

Into the Devil's Cave   (Brazil)

At ArmaSkin we love seeing ArmaSkin taken to exotic locations.  This time, we were excited to see Leslie take ArmaSkin spelunking in Sao Paulo Brazil's Devil's Cave!

When you grow up crawling into unnamed caves trailing behind a mother who taught you how to peer through a lens in search of that perfect composition, you tend to have a high threshold for risk when it comes to photography.

Vale do Ribeira (Ribeira Valley) impacted me viscerally. Without my phone for 56 hrs, I was present to an adventure that I’ve always longed for where I return with relationships that would last a lifetime, thrilling stories that I’ll tell my grandkids one day, and epiphanies about why the last frontier has lured the women in my bloodline into trouble for generations.

Leslie gave a special mention to Fran , co-owner of  Caverna do Diablo Aventura  the only woman to trek through the entire 7000 meter cave.  Fran said, "We are a small company that works hard to make people feel the emotion, overcome their fears, and above all, memories of an amazing place. We do it with a lot of love.  I am a woman who struggles every day in an industry that has many men, to show that we women are capable."

And as far as ArmaSkin goes, Leslie had this to say,  "I couldn't find neoprene socks in the Truckee area so I bought your socks instead. I was pleasantly surprised that my feet felt dry and warm sloshing through all that water. Your socks also dry fast so they worked real well in Brazil where we were soaked for several days in a row due to the rain and treks through rivers."

Camino Primitivo    (Spain)  

After 14 days of scenic hiking ArmaSkin ambassadors, Chris and Shannon completed the Camino Primitivo, the oldest Camino route, which starts in northern Spain and spans 321km. The Camino Primitivo is thought of as the "Original Way" because it is the path taken by the first reported pilgrim, Alfonso II of Asturias (c. 760 – 842),

With only a little rain punctuating the journey which is considered by many to be the toughest Camino hike, both Chris and Shannon were kitted with hiking poles which are highly recommended  over the continuously undulating trail.  Perhaps the most strenuous section being the descent into Grandas de Salime. The 760 metre descent takes place over seven kilometres without a single flat section to break it up. 

And to close in tribute to the pilgrims of the past 1400 years, a little artistic vibe of Chris the Pilgrim.

Townsville  City on the move    (Australia)


Laura, one of our ArmaSkin Ambassadors, is a full time accountant, part time hiker.  If you are an Instagrammer you'd know her as Yolohiking    Laura:  "I very much enjoy spending time in nature. I recently took a long road trip for 2 weeks up north to Cairns along the coastline and returning from central inland. It was such a great experience and there are just so much more yet to be explored."  

Here's some of Laura's tips for travelling around Townsville. 

Not far down south of Cairns, lies the city of Townsville. The gateway to the wet tropics and the Great Barrier Reef. If you are travelling up north, Townsville is a great place to stop and explore. There are a few options, you can stroll along the Strand and explore the city; spend a day at Magnetic Island; or hike up Castle Hill to enjoy the great view to the whole of Townsville and its shoreline!

We arrived in Townsville late in the afternoon, so we decided to explore Castle Hill to catch the sunset. Normally, mountains tend to be far away from urban developments, but here it is minutes away from your door step, right in the city.

We hiked the Cudtheringa track which starts at the car park on Castle Hill Road. Once you entered Castle Hill Road going up, look out for the car park on the right side of the road, as it is very easy to travel past it and the road is quite narrow to make a U turn. Cudtheringa track is a 2.5km return track with lots of stairs going up. There are not many tall trees along the track, so you will always have a great view. If you don't get along well with stairs, you can also walk along Castle Hill Road which is a 5.2km return track that also takes you the the top, which is the Castle Hill Lookout."

You can read more from Laura at her Blog:  YOLO Hiking, and we should mention that the reward for the Townsville hike is the view you can see in the lead photograph of Townsville.

Welcome to Tahoe Mountain Sports (USA)

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International Customers Please Note:

It seems that one longer term impact of the stresses and strains of 2 years of supply chain disruption has been that international freight deliveries have become harder to make on time and at low cost.  Since inception ArmaSkin has tried to keep international freight low but we now find it necessary that to ensure delivery certainty by providing international tracking we must regretfully change our method of charging for international (ie non Australian local) deliveries.

Our new charge rate that will come into effect in December will be a flat rate of $19 per delivery.  That amount will be for a tracked delivery and will not be affected by the number of pairs ordered up to a maximum of 8 pairs in one delivery. 

We do remind you though, that we have resellers in major markets including USA, UK and many parts of Europe.   

Here's a link to our reseller list.

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