ArmaSkin News 2023

ArmaSkin News 2023

ArmaSkin News October 2023

Prince Edward Island by KC

Welcome to a new ArmaSkin Ambassador

ArmaSkin Ambassador

We are excited to welcome Kimberly as an ArmaSkin Ambassador.  

Kimberly is a passionate hiker and wellness enthusiast who lives in Lake Forest, California, USA. She created Wanderin2wellness, where she shares her adventures and insights on nature, health and personal growth.

Kimberly’s love for the outdoors was inspired by her late mother, who was an artist and a nature lover. Her mother taught her to see the beauty in everything and to explore new places. Kimberly lost her mother when she was 25, just days after her daughter was born, a devastating loss. She found healing and strength in hiking, which she calls trail therapy.

Kimberly says, "Hiking brings mindfulness, clarity, inspiration and healing to the soul."

You can say hi and see more of Kimberly on her Instagram page @wanderin2wellness   


Quirky KC goes to PEI

Prince Edward Island

ArmaSkin Ambassador KC is a super experienced hiker with numerous Caminos and other major hikes under his belt.  He also loves delivering talks about hiking.

We've titled this as Quirky KC because if you check out KC's instagram page @KConthecamino you'll notice that he has his own style of photography and sense of humour.  Here's a sample.

"Prince Edward Island Walk 11-12, Alberton to Portage. Overcast with lots of mosquitoes. Mailbox represents my condition by the end of the day—crusty but still standing. Found global headquarters for H&R Block.
Thought I had found a path to Field of Dreams, but was sadly mistaken."


old letterbox


Giveaway time!!!


We recently ran a blog providing some Aussie Christmas Gift ideas.   One that we identified was a hikers/runners headlamp from local firm KNOG.

KNOG have offered to one of our readers a Quokka head lamp.

Quokka 80 is a streamlined, USB rechargeable silicone headlamp.  It's small and lightweight.

Form-fitting comfort
Water resistant IP65 rating (storm proof)
USB rechargeable via integrated connector
Ultra lightweight at just 49 grams
Easy-clean, anti-odour single-piece silicone strap.

And for you non-Aussies, where does the name Quokka come from?

The quokka is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat. It is the only member of the genus Setonix. Like other marsupials in the macropod family, the quokka is herbivorous and mainly nocturnal. The quokka's range is a small area of southwestern Australia.





Another gift idea is the SafeLace.  This product was the brainchild of Loretta, an Aussie Mum who saw the need and after some serious design and development work created this novel and effective product for the world market where, as we know some folks (especially kids), just can't seem to keep their laces tight and tied!



It's easy to put your name in the hat for a chance to WIN!   

1) go to our instagram page @anti_blister_sock and under the Christmas Kangaroo post just comment either #quokka or #safelace and make sure you are following us if you aren't already.  OR
2) if you are not on instagram you can simply email with one or both of those comments.

We will announce the winners in our next NEWS.


Hadrian's Wall  (Northern England)

Hadrians Wall

We received this great pic from Michele who recently, with her husband Peter, enjoyed 6 days walking Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England. A beautiful walk steeped in Roman history!   

Hadrian’s Wall is a remarkable ancient monument that spans 73 miles (117 km) across the northern English countryside. It was built by the Roman Empire in the 2nd century AD to mark the northern frontier of their territory and to defend it from the raids of the Picts and other tribes. The wall was fortified with forts, towers, turrets and gates, and housed a large number of soldiers and civilians. It also served as a customs post and a symbol of Roman power and authority.

It was of course great to see that the enjoyment of their walk was defended against blisters as they were both "decked out in our ArmaSkins".


Flying along the trails for the RFDS

Trail runner

Fundraising is one extra reason for being out on the trail.  

ArmaSkin Ambassador Sharon, is a keen trail runner and recently combined that love with raising some funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The RFDS is a national, charitable, health organisation delivering primary healthcare and 24-hour emergency services for those that live in rural and remote Australia.  Long known as one of the largest aeromedical organisations in the world, the RFDS delivers health care where mainstream health services are not available, using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology and a broad-reaching ground-service fleet.

Supported by a vast number of volunteers and supporters, the RFDS provides a lifeline for those that live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia, and has been doing so for over nine decades.

If you'd like to tip in a couple of dollars it is easy via this link  Royal Flying Doctor Service


MONTHLY opportunity to win FREE ArmaSkin -
please share your picture stories with us.

Attention ArmaSkin fans! Your stories and adventures are what make our products shine, and we want to hear from you! Share your experiences wearing ArmaSkin and you could win your very own pair of ArmaSkin liner socks!

All you have to do is use the hashtag #ArmaSkin in an online post or email us at with a picture of you on the move with an ArmaSkin product and a short comment about the picture. If your picture is featured in an upcoming edition of ArmaSkin News, you'll win the monthly prize!

This month's WINNER was Michele who took ArmaSkin to Hadrian's Wall!  It is so easy to WIN!

Don't miss your chance to show off your ArmaSkin gear and score this wonderful prize. So what are you waiting for? Get snapping and share your ArmaSkin story now! 

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