ArmaSkin News - October 2021

ArmaSkin News - October 2021

ArmaSkin Escapees  

It is starting to feel like the world is finally, albeit cautiously, opening up again and learning to live with covid. 

We are thrilled to see more and more people getting back outdoors again; hitting the trails that feed the soul, and getting back to the activities that they love. 

We are just as excited to see the 2022 events calendars filling up with Trailwalkers, adventure races, and of course people just getting out and fulfilling their own individual adventures.

As always, we love to hear about your upcoming, current, or past adventures.  So feel free to get in touch on social media and let us know what you are up to.

Our lead picture, provided by Erick Andino, captures the spirit of the moment.  There might still be danger out there but it is time to get on the move!  Erick is currently training for his thru hike of the 2022 Pacific Crest Trail.  He came across this critter while installing solar panels in the Californian desert.  You can see more of Erick's work on Instagram    Dogfoot Trailing


Chris & Shannon's countdown to the Camino Primitivo.  

ArmaSkin ambassadors and avid adventurers, Chris Duhaime and Shannon Tymoruski are about to embark on the Camino Primitivo, after already walking the Camino Francis twice previously. Chris explains "It's difficult to explain why we enjoy walking a Camino, yet once again we feel 'drawn' to return." 

Spain's Camino de Santiago originated as a catholic pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. Today, people are drawn to the trail for all sorts of reasons; some for religious or spiritual reasons, some for the physical challenge, and some to simply enjoy the scenery and history of the regions. During the Middle Ages, pilgrims would begin their journey in any location (including outside of Spain), with the ultimate goal of arriving in the holy city of Santiago de Compostela. These days, there are seven well-established routes used by Camino trekkers from all over the world. 

Chris explained to us that "this is a special year as it is considered the Camino de Santiago Holy Year, otherwise known as Xacobeno 2021. Pre-covid, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims would have walked the Camino this year and we feel blessed to be part of it." The Camino Primitivo that Chris and Shannon will embark upon is the oldest Camion route, which starts in northern Spain and spans over 300km. 

Despite the delays and trip setbacks over the past couple of years, Chris and Shannon have kept up their hiking and we are excited to follow this next adventure of theirs. Safe travels Chris and Shannon!

Inspirational Adventurer Alert! 

We are so inspired by Dr. Dominique Fischer. In 2020, Dominique trekked the 1031km Bibbulmun trail in Western Australia, traversing Jarrah forests to the splendid Albany coastline. This year he trekked the 720km Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys (where temperatures were 35-40 degrees Celsius). Dominique described the Gibb as "rocky, hilly, scraggy, and hard". What extraordinary achievements! Did we mention that Dominique is 78 years young too?! 

Dominique reported "not a single blister" while wearing his “magic socks” on both treks.  

"Not a single blister.
I would not have been able to do this if I had not used ArmaSkin socks.
I used one pair of regular socks for the Bibbulmun and one pair of toed-socks for the Gibb. 
I told everyone I was using my magic socks "
Magic indeed." 

            - Dr. Dominique Fischer.

Dominique pulled a cart to carry his supplies for the Gibb Track.  Being so isolated, he needed to be able to carry 10 days supply of water (40 litres), and a month's supply of food (100kg).  He told us that he actually preferred pulling the cart to carrying the 20kg backpack that he needed on the Bibbulmun.  His cart bore three flags representing his triple citizenship: French, Canadian, and Australian!

"The cart did a great job and it also provided all my electrical power to feed the fridge, the freezer, the steam bath and the flat TV"

Keep inspiring us with your epic adventures, Dominique; we can’t wait to see where you go next. Dominique has given us whispers that his next adventure will involve a kayak on the Murray-Darling river system.  Spoiler alert; We’re sending Dominique some more Armaskin socks to keep his feet happy and blister-free on his future adventures.


Sharon Explores a Section of the Great Ocean Walk.  

Have you done the Great Ocean Walk?  It's definitely on our bucket list, so we were super excited to see Sharon from @Loverunningrails recently spent a weekend with friends walking a 27km return section from Shelly Beach to Blanket Bay. 

The Great Ocean Walk hugs Melbourne's stunning coastline that runs alongside the Great Ocean Road. It follows some of the most beautiful coastal scenery Victoria (and Australia) has to offer.  The walk is managed by Parks Victoria and passes through the Great Otway and Port Campbell National Parks.   

The full walk is over 100km long, starting in Apollo Bay and finishing at the world-famous 12 Apostles, east of Port Campbell.  The trail is accessible from many points, so you can tailor your walks from day trips to multi-day hikes.  You can manage your own trip logistics, organise a trip with licensed tour operators, utilise the campsites (bookings must be made through the Parks Victoria website), or find off-walk accommodation options.  The full trail takes eight days to complete.  The trail can be completed at any time of the year, but make sure to check in with the Parks Victoria website for updates on trail closures. 


Walk for Wiggly Eyes Takes on New Challenge for Charity. 


After his impressive 3000km charity trek down the entire length of New Zealand in 2020, Mikey from Walk for Wiggly Eyes has his sights set on a new challenge.  In December 2021, he will embark on a long-distance bike ride (over 1000km) around Tasmania to continue his mission of raising awareness and funds for nystagmus. 

Nystagmus is an eye condition that involves involuntary rapid eye movements and may result in blurred vision.  Mikey is raising money for two charities: Gift of Sight, and Nystagmus Network. Both charities are leading the way with research into the diagnosis and treatment of Nystagmus. They also work to support and improve the quality of life for people living with Nystagmus.  

If you would like to support Mikey and donate to his fundraisers, you can find all of the information on his website:

We wish Mikey all the best in the lead up to this ride, and we can't wait to follow this next big adventure of his.  


OxFamTrailwalker is back in 2022: Australia & New Zealand

Put it in your diaries and start training; the Oxfam Trailwalker returns in 2022! We love to follow everyone as they get stuck into training and preparations for this mammoth event for charity. Tag us in your Instagram stories and posts (#armaskin) for the chance to be featured on our Instagram page and in our monthly ArmaSkin newsletter

Australian and New Zealand dates:
Melbourne: 25th-27th March 2022
Sydney: 26th – 28th August 2022
New Zealand: 26th – 27th March 2022

2022 course routes:
Melbourne: Endeavour Hills to Heidelberg
Sydney: Hawkesbury to the Harbour
New Zealand: New Plymouth


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