ArmaSkin News October 2022

ArmaSkin News October 2022

Pacific Crest Trail: Pic from Erick

Sharon completes Run Down Under (Australia)

Run Down Under

Sharon completed her 14080km Run Down Under, a virtual lap of the Australian continent, in 2487 days. 

Her lap of Australia started Jan 1 2016, and finished on her favourite trail with her favourite running buddy, her kelpie Lulu. She finished on her favourite trail which was specially chosen to complete the occasion. 

Sharon said, "it’s been a lot of fun & a lot of great memories made! 
I've loved doing Run Down Under. It keeps it interesting seeing where you are on the map, how many km to go, where you are on the leader board for the week, month etc! 

I had some special memories in that 14000km! 2 Oxfam 100ks, my first marathon, so many Oxfam training days, runs in Vic, SA, NSW, Qld. Hiking in the Great Ocean Walk, Wilson’s Prom & should have been the Overland Track (arragh covid!), now doing Overland in Feb. My ArmaSkins came on many many of those 14000km! "

Really enjoyed RDU! Now I’m onto RDU2, another lap of Oz but a different route."

If you'd like to have a go at such a big challenge check out Run The World.  It is a web-based application with an accompanying Smart Phone App that is easy to use, applicable to all runners and walkers and interactive and engaging to use. With EIGHT maps to choose from, there is a journey for everyone. Run The World is designed to keep you active & healthy through running and walking long-term.

Rogaining with Jeremy (Finland)


Jeremy is a US born English Teacher in Finland. He loves running on all terrain, orienteering, Rogaining and is an ArmaSkin Ambassador.

Jeremy's been in Finland for four years, spending many hours exploring the forests, swamps, and urban areas on foot.

If you'd like to learn more about Rogaining or trails in Finland, he is launching his website/blog to promote all forms of exploring Finland on foot: Running, Trail Running, Rogaining, and Orienteering.

Meegana at Little Devils Stairs (Virginia USA) 

devils stairs

It's always good to check in on Meegana.  She's usually on the move.

"This past trip was my first time camping at the top of Little Devil Stairs.

Nearing the end of the day the trail was much quieter than normal and we were able to watch the sunset through the trees.

Little Devil Stairs is not nearly as sketchy as the Big Devil Stairs Trail - other than a cemetery on the Keyser Run Fire Road. There are plentiful water crossings and lots of fun big steps to climb up on."


Pacific Crest Trail Completion (USA)

Pacific crest trail

Erick, aka Dogfoot Trailing, has reached the end of the Pacific Crest Trail after starting way back in May!

Well done Erick!

Here's the scene at the Northern Terminus.

Now back home Erick is, "Feeling good, tired but happy. Body still wants to eat but I won't be as active for a while so trying to watch the weight.

Strange to be home missed my bed, but missing the trail and friends more."

Apart from the terrific photos that Erick shared he also gave us entertaining insights into daily trail life on youtube. 

You can see Erick's videos at Dogfoot Trailing Youtube Channel  

Yukon 2020

yukon river expedition

ArmaSkin Ambassador, Art “Karts” Huseonica  is staying focused on being fit and preparing to reboot his epic challenge of Canoeing the 2020 miles of the Yukon in May 2023. 

As our regular readers know Art has been prevented twice now from completing the journey.  First was the Covid lockdown in 2020 and then in 2021 just a couple of weeks into his journey down the Yukon, storms and floods raged ahead of him which made continuing the journey dangerous and would have represented an unnecessary concern for local authorities if he had continued.

As you can imagine the cost of these sorts of challenges is not easy.  If you are aware of any companies that might like some sponsor visibility on his journey please pass Art's details to them.  We know from experience that Art goes out of his way to ensure companies that help him get plenty of coverage in his media.

See for more information.

Welcome to Hiking Trips Australia

Hiking Trips Australia is a brand new website that connects hikers with a range of guided hikes across Australia, as well as offering a membership program that gives discounts for guided hikes and hiking retailers.

To find your next guided hike or to check out the membership head on over to

Kidney March (Canada)

kidney march

ArmaSkin has been a supporter of the Canadian Kidney March for a few years now.

So good to hear that they returned to a full event this year and made a super $1million for the Kidney cause.

Congratulations to the behind the scenes Team that makes this event such a success..


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