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Exploring the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey along the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)? Lace up your hiking boots, because we’re about to introduce you to a trailblazer who’s taking on this rugged and awe-inspiring path.

Meet Erick, aka Dogfoot

Erick, affectionately known as Dogfoot, is no stranger to long-distance trails. In 2022, he shared his Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) adventure with us, and now he’s back, lacing up his boots for the CDT. His trail name, Dogfoot, hints at his tenacity and love for the wilderness. Erick who now resides in the USA, having served in the armed forces and been a professional photographer for a decade, is nevertheless proud of his Honduran roots and can often be seen sporting his home country colors. But what drives him to tackle these challenging trails? 

The CDT: A Trail of Legends


The Continental Divide Trail stretches a whopping 5000 km (3,100 miles) from the northern border of Mexico to the southern border of Canada. It follows the spine of the Rocky Mountains, weaving through five states: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Unlike its more famous counterparts—the PCT and the Appalachian Trail—the CDT remains wild, untamed, and less travelled. It’s a trail where solitude meets grandeur, where every step reveals the raw beauty of the American wilderness.

Uncovering History: Peter L. Parsons

Did you know that the CDT’s beginning stretches back exactly 100 years! Meet Peter L. Parsons, a Swedish immigrant who set out on a remarkable journey in 1924. His name might not be as well-known as the modern thru-hikers, but his story is etched in the trail’s history. Parsons left his mark in a summit register atop Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson, hinting at his audacious goal: hiking the Continental Divide. Imagine the library silence when trail sleuth Barney Scout Mann was astounded when seeing this entry a decade ago. The year 1924! It would take Mann eight years to unravel the mystery and confirm that Parsons walked something close to the route followed today by the CDT, nearly a half-century before anyone else claimed to have hiked the route.

Before applying paint, Peter Parsons traced the letters on the back of his canvas rucksack. He wanted the 3-inch-high text to be perfect—no botched lines made by an excited hand. Parsons painted neatly inside the lines, making block letters that read: HEADING “NORTH”—MEXICO TO CANADA. Parsons intended to hike the Continental Divide. (Backpacker)

Challenges Along the Divide

Erick will be faced with rugged terrain and remote wilderness. The CDT isn’t for the faint-hearted. Its length, ruggedness, and remoteness make it a formidable challenge. Inexperienced hikers should think twice before attempting this trail. It demands endurance, navigation skills, and the ability to handle extreme weather conditions.

Over its entire length, the CDT boasts an elevation gain of approximately 148,000 feet (that’s about 45,000 meters!)—a rollercoaster of ups and downs across the Rockies and beyond.

The weather dances to its own tune on the CDT. From scorching desert heat to snow-covered mountain passes, hikers experience it all. Thunderstorms and lightning are frequent companions during summer afternoons. Be prepared for sudden changes and pack gear for every scenario.

When you step onto the CDT, you’re entering a world where self-reliance matters. Carry enough water, food, and essential gear. Let someone know your route, and avoid hiking alone if possible. The trail’s remoteness means limited access to supplies and services.

ArmaSkin: Keeping Feet Happy

Erick, who is an ArmaSkin Ambassador, is making a wise choice by relying on ArmaSkin to keep his feet comfortable and blister-free during his CDT adventure. As he tackles rugged terrain, unpredictable weather, and elevation changes, ArmaSkin’s innovative anti-blister technology will be his secret weapon.

At this time Erick has clocked up over 150 miles and reported to us "Body joints and ligaments are stiff, but after more than 156 miles so far, no blisters!"


Follow Erick’s Journey

Want to witness the CDT unfold first hand? Head over to Erick’s YouTube channel Dogfoot Trailing. Let's help Erick get to 1000 subscribers!  Subscribe, hit that notification bell, and join us as we follow Dogfoot’s journey across the rugged terrain. From hot stony deserts to snow-capped peaks and sun drenched valleys.  His frank and humorous approach make for highly entertaining viewing!

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