How to Win the Battle of the Blister

How to Win the Battle of the Blister

Have you ever felt like your feet were on fire? 

Not in a good way, like when you're running fast or dancing hard, but in a bad way, like when you're suffering from painful blisters that make every step a torture.

If you're a hiker or a runner, chances are you've experienced this at some point in your life. Blisters are the bane of every long-distance traveller and athlete. They can ruin your day, your mood, and your performance.

But what if I told you that there is a way to prevent blisters from happening in the first place? A way to keep your feet happy and healthy no matter how far or fast you go? A way to win the battle of the blister once and for all? 😲

Would you be interested? Of course you would! Who wouldn't?

Well, keep reading, because I'm going to share with you some of the best blister prevention options on the market today, as well as some practical tips and tricks to keep your feet in tip-top shape.

But first a precaution! You know what they say: cotton is rotten.
Especially when it comes to socks. Cotton socks might feel soft and cozy at first, but they are a nightmare for your feet when you're hiking or running. Why? Because they soak up all the sweat and moisture from your feet and keep it there, creating a wet and sticky environment that is perfect for blisters to form.

That's why smart hikers and runners ditch the cotton and go for fabrics that can wick away moisture from their skin. Wicking fabrics are like little magicians that can make moisture disappear. They have tiny capillaries that pull moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. This way, your feet stay dryer and happy no matter how long or hard you go.

Wicking fabrics can be synthetic, like polyester, or natural, like merino wool or bamboo. 

Another popular option for blister prevention is tapes. Tapes are like band-aids that you stick on your feet before you start hiking or running. They are supposed to create a smooth surface that reduces friction and protects your skin from blisters. Sounds good, right?

Well, not so fast. Tapes have their own problems and limitations. For one thing, they can be tricky to apply correctly. You need to cut them to the right size and shape, and make sure they stick well to your skin without any wrinkles or gaps. Otherwise, they might peel off, bunch up, or cause more irritation than relief.😫
For another thing, tapes can be hard to remove without damaging your skin. If you have sensitive skin or a blister underneath the tape, pulling it off can be painful and risky. You might end up with more blisters than before, or worse, an infection.

And don't even get me started on the environmental impact of tapes. They are not biodegradable, so they end up in landfills or littering the trails. They also contain chemicals that might harm your skin or the wildlife.
So, before you reach for the tape roll, think twice. There might be a better alternative for your feet.

There is a simpler and more effective way to prevent blisters than using fancy fabrics or lubricants? A way that doesn't require you to reapply anything, change your socks, or worry about the weather? A way that has been proven by science and experience to work wonders for your feet?

I'm talking about liner socks. Yes, liner socks. The humble and often overlooked accessory that can make a huge difference in your hiking or running adventure.

Liner socks are thin socks that you wear under your normal socks. They act as a buffer layer between your skin and your sock, absorbing the shear forces that cause blisters. They also wick away moisture from your skin, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. They are like a second skin for your feet, but better.

Liner socks have been gaining popularity among hikers and runners for their blister prevention performance, as well as their convenience, comprehensive foot coverage, and reusability. You can find them in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. Some even have special features that make them stand out from the crowd. 

ArmaSkin liner socks are made of synthetic fibres and have a special inner surface treatment of silicone that has the trifecta of benefits, it moves moisture away from the skin, it holds firm to your skin thus keeping movement to the outside of the ArmaSkin. Finally Silicone keeps your feet fresher because it is bacteria static ie bacteria doesn't like to grow on silicone.

ArmaSkin liner socks

So there are many options for blister prevention but to extinguish the risk of burning feet, use ArmaSkin. Here's a link to more info.

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