ArmaSkin News April 2021
Posted by Ian Bridger on ArmaSkin News April 2021

Cape to Cape (Western Australia) ArmaSkin Ambassador Dr Sophie has been hiking the southern The Cape to Cape Walk Track.A diary note as the Team completed the trek."Day 6 - Hamelin Bay to Cape Leeuwin and the finish line! Holy shitballs today was brutal.Started with a stunning morning watching the salmon fishing and stingrays, some rock-hopping over limestone cliffs and blow holes, followed by a never ending trudge along the beach for what felt like forever but was about 8-9km. A tired walk up to the lighthouse for an ice cream and finishing picture and now back to our accommodation...

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100km in under 48 hours? Hike or Run?
Posted by Ian Bridger on 100km in under 48 hours? Hike or Run?

The OxFam Trailwalker is back live in Oz! September in Sydney and October in Melbourne. Trailwalker is not a typical hike!   It is one of the most inspiring team challenges in the world.  Team efforts help OxFam tackle poverty via OxFam projects across the globe. You and 3 mates journey through 100km of bush trail within a 48 hour limit. Experienced hikers consider 30km over good terrain a heavy day’s work! So, 100km in 2 days is a serious challenge, especially if you are undertaking this without a background in hiking or endurance sports. At the extreme, some teams will...

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ArmaSkin News March 2021
Posted by Ian Bridger on ArmaSkin News March 2021

Cape to Cape Track (WA) ArmaSkin Ambassador Dr Sophie has been hiking the southern The Cape to Cape Walk Track. This is a long-distance walk trail located in the far south-west corner of Western Australia, 250 kilometres (160 mi) south of Perth. It meanders along the whole length of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, which forms the backbone of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. Its start and finish are the lighthouses at the tips of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. The Track extends over 123 kilometres (76 mi) of coastal scenery, sheltered forests and pristine beaches, and is in close proximity to the...

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ArmaSkin liner socks:  a trifecta for happy feet.
Posted by Ian Bridger on ArmaSkin liner socks: a trifecta for happy feet.

A single application that provides relief against blisters, swollen feet and plantar fasciitis The foot battleground: Hikers and runners can give their feet a belting.  The internals of the foot stretch and flex to recover and protect themselves.  Each foot engages around 1200 times in a kilometre and each strike is at the equivalent of nearly 2 body weights (BW) (1) assailing solid ground via the shoe sole!  This is described graphically for different speeds in m/sec, with the heel strike load being slightly above the propelling front foot load. Those forces compress and stretch the soft tissues of the...

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ArmaSkin News  February 2021
Posted by Ian Bridger on ArmaSkin News February 2021

Positive News from the world of ArmaSkin blister prevention. Tasmania's Overland Track and a chance to WIN an Ah Chair. Overland Track 2021 As we write, Andrea, an ArmaSkin Ambassador is in Tasmania for a challenging through hike of the Overland Track.The Overland Track holds legendary status as one of the finest walks in Australia. Walking from north to south over six days it covers the highest area of Tasmania, from the epic craggy spires of Cradle Mountain to the rainforest-clad shores of the deepest natural lake in the Southern Hemisphere, Lake St Clair. The World Heritage listed landscape is truly...

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8 Tips for a Blister Free Camino
Posted by Ian Bridger on 8 Tips for a Blister Free Camino

Good on you for tackling the Camino de Santiago! It is spiritually inspiring while being mentally and physically demanding. The most common physical drama faced by a Pilgrim is blisters! Here are some simple steps to preparing your feet and footwear for the journey to avoid blisters which apart from painful discomfort can result in infections and in the worst case an incomplete pilgrimage.  The following reflect consistent themes we hear from hikers.  1. Select good quality socks which can provide comfort in the prevailing temperatures. They need to be wear resistant and efficiently wick moisture away from your feet....

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