Q. I'm going on a hike that requires you to wade thru streams. Can the sock get submerged in water? Will it keep it tackiness?
A. Yes, the sock will retain its tackiness and thus effectiveness even after being submerged in water.

Q. Is the adhesive used, safe for sensitive skin?
A. The sticky nature of the polymer does not come from a glue, it a medial grade silicone.

Q. What if the size I choose is not correct.
A. Before returning ArmaSkin to us please look at one of the Youtube videos about putting ArmaSkin on. They must be rolled on rather than pulled on.
If you still want to exchange you are welcome to return them with clear comments for the reason for return plus your address.

Q. I have purchased 2 pairs of ArmaSkin and have been walking in them in preparation for Portuguese Camino in September, however I have noticed that I can feel the seam under the heel. Should this be happening?
A. It is important to have the heel seams in the correct locations around the heel. Please refer to our Use of ArmaSkin section.
While the ArmaSkin seams are made to lie quite flat if at any time they are causing you concern then please adjust them. The inner surface of the ArmaSkin provides a sort of tackiness that means the ArmaSkin does not move against the skin. It is also quite elastic so you can easily adjust the sock to move seams away from sensitive areas. If, once you've adjusted the heel seams you feel there is too much slack in the rest of the foot it does not hurt to have even a centimetre of loose fabric at the front of the toes.

Q. I recently purchased my first pair of Armaskin socks and so far (on under 15km walks) great.
I am leaving to begin the Camino Frances in a few days and (prior to owning Armaskin) had intended to take and use Curash powder to reduce dampness caused by foot sweating. I would sprinkle the powder on my feet, then put socks on. I'm wondering if that would ruin the integrity of the Armaskin, or in fact, defeat the purpose?
Also, some hikers have recommended Glide to prevent foot blisters, and others use Vaseline, but I think they probably have the same protection as my armaskin will provide. Am I right?
A. Generally speaking the alternatives you are suggesting tackle blisters in limited ways whereas ArmaSkin provides a much more comprehensive solution. ArmaSkin's inner silicone layer does not absorb moisture, instead sweat is shifted out through the porous ArmaSkin to your outer sock which should be efficient at wicking moisture away. Thus ArmaSkin delivers what the Curash powder aims to do and if you did apply powder there might be some risk of the powder clogging the porous ArmaSkin.
Vaseline and Glide are designed to cut surface friction on the skin. ArmaSkin's outer surface is smooth and quite low friction thus delivering on the intentions of those lubricants without any messy application. As a side note we have seen a number of people advise against Vaseline on journeys of over 10km as the Vaseline deteriorates. Applying lubricants under an ArmaSkin would work against the principles of the ArmaSkin (sticky on the inside / smooth on the outside) The only moderation to this advice would be, should you experience hotspots between the toes where ArmaSkin may not be having full impact, a careful and light application of Glide between toes may be acceptable. However, since you've been successfully trialling the ArmaSkin on sub 15km walks to date it is likely that ArmaSkin should be sufficient protection for your journey.
It may interest you to know that the first few days of such journeys are the danger period for blisters. Whether it is because you are fresh and inclined to rush in those first few days, or your feet may not have fully acclimatised following an extended airflight or any rough spots in your shoes will make their presence felt, it is worth being careful as you head out making an effort to rest regularly (around 10km marks) and put your feet up to reduce any swelling. Around 10km is a fair estimate of when feet will have swollen naturally so it is a good time to adjust your laces to compensate. Always check and address the cause of any hotspots.

Q. I bought some ArmaSkin and they have being handled inside out...and now that I want to wear them, I am not very sure about which side is right. Would it be the "rubber" side that should be in contact with the skin (inside). Though the "satin" side is easier to slip on, I want to make sure what is the proper way?
A. There is ONLY ONE way for the ArmaSkin to be worn. The rubber (silicone) side goes inside the smooth side outside. You'll know you've got everything correct when you have them on and the seams are on the outside surface and the tags at the top of the sock are both facing inside your legs.
There are a few Youtubes that show putting ArmaSkin on. The secret is to roll them on because it is hard to pull the rubber/sticky surface over your skin.

Q. I suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (EBS) which is a genetic condition that causes my skin to blister really easy. I just saw theses socks in Amazon and I got excited because I feel that maybe they can help me with my blistering condition (It's really a pain to walk any distance at this point). Do you have maybe information about people with this condition using your socks? Thanks a lot!
A. This is a tough condition and question to answer. We have had success with a few EB sufferers but as you are well aware there are different degrees of the condition so it is a matter of trying it to see how it works for you.
ArmaSkin is a tight fit so we highlight the importance of rolling the ArmaSkin onto the foot, not pulling it up like a normal sock and if your sizing is nearing the midpoint between two sizes we suggest erring on the larger size.
We are happy to accept a return for refund if ArmaSkin doesn’t work for you.

Q. Do you have any distributors in North America ?
A. Yes we do have some resellers around the world. Our list of resellers can be found in the ABOUT US section called PARTNERSHIPS