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No Bounce Vest

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The maximum comfort ArmaSkin Heavy Load Waist-Worn Vest provides 3 litres /3 kg of carrying capacity and a technically developed SiFusion  surface against the body and inside the pockets that prevents bounce of the objects in the Vest while running or walking to deliver efficient and stable load carrying.

  • Waist worn hydration carriage
  • Lower centre of gravity provides fall protection
  • Provides for better manoeuvrability on technical sections.
  • Less Thermal Load
  • Better evaporation from upper body
  • Full durable mesh construction
  • Sticky surfaces delivers NO BOUNCE
  • Better forward motion efficiency
  • Less annoying
  • Easy to access gear stored , no need to stop to take off the system.
  • SiFusion fabric treatment of the inside of the Carrier and its pockets dramatically reduces up and down bounce of objects being carried thus delivering comfort and efficiency gains for the runner
  • Flow through front and back ventilation maximises runner’s comfort
  • Capacity to hold up to 3 litres of fluid / 4kg overall load
  • 4 sticky stretch pockets plus one larger stretchy sticky pocket for a 2 litre fluids bladder.
  • Capacity to hold even the largest cell phone
  • Flexible back enables storage of rain jacket
  • All round reflective waist strip for safety at night
  • Adjustable front straps tension for optimal fit and comfort
  • Main material : Stretchable high quality polyester
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Made in Australia

NOTE: bladder and bottles not provided with vest.