ArmaSkin News  July 2022

ArmaSkin News July 2022

ArmaSkin News July 2022

Blue Mountains National Park : Pic from Laura of @yolohiking

Alaina on Denali (Alaska)


Alaina, an ArmaSkin Ambassador, is up in the clouds!

Climbing Denali is part of her personal challenge to climb the Seven Summits.  And Alaina is dedicating her climb to support @afghan_ascend which is an organization dedicated to women’s rights, education, and leadership training through climbing. 

Perched high in the mountain, the latest report from Alaina indicates that her team is at Camp 3 at 14,000ft (see below).

Denali, situated in the Alaska Range, is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet above sea level. Denali is the third-highest of the Seven Summits (the tallest peaks on all seven continents).

Denail 14000ft

Kimberly heading to John Muir Trail (USA)

Hikers on John Muir Trail

Hitting the JMT in just a few weeks and these past months have been all about studying the 293 NoBo itinerary, dialing in gear, going over resupply strategies and training. Proper planning and preparation is so important for safety reasons and prevention.

"One thing I was a little worried about on this 293 mile excursion were blisters. Blisters are one of the most common foot injuries. They are painful and can affect the way you walk causing other injuries / strains throughout your body and if not treated properly can get infected. During my long training hikes I’ve been using ArmaSkin liners.

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Liner Socks are now my top choice for blister prevention as they take the edge off the key causes of skin damage. They have a special inner surface coating to keep the liner sock firmly against your skin while also being hydrophobic and porous to drive moisture away to outer socks. Whether it is foot blister prevention or skin chafing they provide more comfort and efficiency."

We are looking forward to seeing more from Kimberly on her John Muir hike.

Erick the Catracho on the PCT   (Pacific Crest Trail)

Hiking in burnt forest

Erick, an ArmaSkin Ambassador, has now passed the halfway point of his PCT. thru hike.

That is roughly 1325 miles to either Canada or Mexico.

Erick, "It is an honor to carry the Honduran flag for these 2,132KM. From the border of California and Mexico to here half of this trail. Now there are 2,132 km more to go to meet this challenge. Many greetings to my family and people of Honduras. Here representing and I hope to inspire Mas Catrachos Mas Latinos to go out, discover the magic of a thru hike."

Here we have a couple of pictures associated with his time hiking thru the burn area of the Lassen National Forest.

Sadly these pines look to be well away from recovery given that the fire ran through wither last year or perhaps even in 2020.

Erick, "Feet stomping ash all day in Lassen National Forest".     And the blackened feet (pic below) and ArmaSkin to prove it.

Erick has been posting regular videos on Youtube. Follow along for the hike and maybe test your appetite for tackling the PCT.
    Dogfoot Trailing Youtube Channel   Please subscribe  to his channel for some more stunning views of the PCT.

ArmaSkin Liner Socks prevent blisters

Taking a moment in the Rwenzoris (East Africa)


Dr Kate Baecher, an ArmaSkin Ambassador, is currently in East Africa, appreciating the friendliness of local people as well as the wonders of the Serengetti and open spaces.

Here she is shown contemplating the Rwenzoris from Uganda.

Hayley on the Tongariro (New Zealand)

Set To Hike

Hayley of Set To Hike is at it again.  This time tackling the Tongariro Trail in New Zealand.

While Hayley is also regularly making you tube videos about her Hiking Adventures, ArmaSkin also draws on the multi-talented Hayley for our own video work and advertising.  She is terrific!

Perhaps you are an amateur videographer and would like to get behind the scenes with Hayley.  If, so, by becoming a SetTo Hike Patreon member you can 
tap into professional  knowhow for a tiny monthly fee.   Just visit her Patreon page: 

Is that plant edible?  (ArmaSkin blog)

In this article, Kyt Lyn Walken is addressing a fascinating topic and highlights the care required before eating nature's gifts of plants when on the trail. The tips provided are likely universal, but we’d welcome any feedback on the article especially from some Australian readers.


Diabetics using ArmaSkin.   Is that you?

We at ArmaSkin are keen to explore the usefulness of ArmaSkin liner socks for people who suffer from Diabetes.  We thus invite communications from any of our customers who have anecdotal information on the matter or professional interest in the topic.

Please email if you are interested in this topic.


Advice for Customers Outside Australia:

Since supply chains and postal times continue to be extended, we remind you that we have resellers in major markets including USA, Canada, UK and many parts of Europe.  And importantly, if you have a big journey coming up, please order early to ensure that your delivery arrives in time. 

Here's a link to our reseller list.

If you do choose to buy from Australia, note that international freight is a flat AU$19 which provides tracking, and if you purchase three or more pairs the freight becomes free.

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